Summer is finally upon us and there is so much to look forward to and plan during the upcoming months. This includes warm weather, vacations, and all the enjoyment that comes with the season. Now as you’re considering which destination to venture to, you may decide to visit beautiful Napa Valley to enjoy amazing scenery and savor delicious wine. There is plenty to know before planning and booking your Napa wine tastings, hotel rooms, and even balloon rides, so we have included our tips on planning a summer vacation in wine country.
Northern California’s wine country is just as beautiful during the summer months as you may imagine. With perfect weather, wineries filled with guests, and the charming downtowns of Napa and Sonoma bustling with visitors, wine country truly thrives in the warmer months.
Plan ahead. Summer is the “peak” season here in the valley and that is why our number one recommendation is to plan ahead. Check the calendar for popular events in wine country. Those weekends are of high demand and unless you plan on taking part in an event during your trip, we strongly suggest avoiding those weekends to find more affordable lodging accommodations. Booking a hotel room early is key to avoid places being sold out or almost sold out with higher rates.
Reserve, reserve, reserve. In addition to planning your trip beforehand, arriving without any wine tasting or dinner reservations can make it more difficult to guarantee your spots at popular restaurants or Napa wineries. When it comes to planning your Napa wine tasting, know that wineries have a certain number of guests they can see per day and may be limited on how many reservations they can host at a time. Be sure to call ahead to check availability and make your reservation – this is essential for large groups! The local restaurants are also famous for their gourmet cuisine and world-class chefs – that means dinner time in the summer (especially on a weekend) requires a reservation. Don’t be shy to make one for lunch too! Guarantee a great meal every time and simply reserve.

Set up your rides. Transportation is a big component to being able to fully experience wine country. If you are attending multiple Napa wine tastings throughout the day and your trip, having safe and reliable transportation is important. While ride sharing apps are very popular and readily available, the cost can add up with peak hours and additional surcharges. There are also many Napa wineries that are off the main road and these hidden gems often do not have the best cell service, making it difficult to order your ride. Therefore we recommend setting up transportation beforehand, this can be the most dependable way to get around wine country. A join-in tour or private tour with Platypus is highly recommended (just check out our reviews).

We hope these travel tips help with the planning of your trip to beautiful wine country! Summer in wine country is truly a great time and we hope to see you here soon!