Ah, Wine Country. Sweeping vineyard views, world-famous wines, immersive wine tasting experiences, a gourmet culinary scene, and endless fun activities to keep you busy. It’s why people flock to Napa and Sonoma each year. But how can you really experience these Valleys and wineries the right way? Whether you choose a classic Napa Valley wine tasting or want to explore Healdsburg wineries, the answer is simple: a world-class wine tour offered by knowledgeable tour guides that have connection with unique and stunning wineries. Check out the 6 reasons you should book a Platypus wine tour during your Napa or Sonoma visit:

  1. No need to drive. This may be an obvious one but it’s a big one. When most folks visit wineries they have to pick and choose which wines to consume due to driving. And if you’re the DD of the group, there’s a feeling of being left out. With a wine tour, your guide is your driver and you’ll have a chance to actually experience a complete Sonoma or Napa Valley wine tasting. Try what you want, however much (within safety limits of course) and leave the driving to us.
  2. Our tour guides have connections. Whether you choose to wander through Napa, Sonoma, or Healdsburg wineries, prices are more expensive when it’s just you and your pals. However, the wineries we work with give us exclusive deals and throw in something extra. Think chocolate & wine pairing for the price of (or less than) a simple wine tasting. All our winery partners charge less to our tour groups. Making our join-in tour option pretty enticing, right?
  3. And they’re smart. What’s great about having a guide is the plethora of information they have about Napa and Sonoma. They’ll help you learn Napa Valley wine tasting skills, varietal info, historical background of the region, and share a few weird stories about the area – from bizarre Barons to winery owners that were just a little quirky. Your journey through Sonoma, Napa, And Healdsburg wineries will be much more meaningful when guided by a knowledgeable guide that is passionate about their job.
  4. Explore the hidden gems of Napa and Sonoma. While most people choose tourist destination wineries, we head into the more family-owned and unique wineries of the region. Uncover historical Healdsburg wineries that carry the charm of the 19th Discover a Napa Valley Wine Tasting that is truly unique and remarkable. Deviate from the crowd when you join a tour.
  5. Dine in a wine cave, winery garden, or hilltop viewpoint. What’s a trip to wine country without a picturesque picnic lunch at a winery? Imagine enjoying you tasty food in a wine cave surrounded with the smells of oak barrels and aging wine. Or perhaps, perched at a picnic table at the top of a hill, with a winery behind you and the Valley views in front.
  6. Make friends along the way. Platypus wine tours offer a unique feature – join-in tours. While most companies only allow private groups, we offer you the chance to “join-in”. So if it’s just you and a friend, you can book a join-in tour and meet some folks along the way. Picture riding to a winery with new friendly faces, get to know about each other, drink some wine together, and make lasting memories. A Napa Valley wine tasting experience should be education, fun and social! We offer private too in case you wanted to personalize your trip!

There are a million more reasons to join a wine tour, but these few say it all. Whether you want to uncover Sonoma, Napa, or Healdsburg wineries, our wine tours offer something unique and truly special for all. Experience your Sonoma or Napa Valley wine tasting with the help of a guide and some friendly faces. Book your tour today!