It’s high season in Northern California wine country. The end of summer marks an exciting time for winemakers and wine hospitality teams eager to welcome you, following the frenzy of fruit harvest. Harvest season for Napa and Sonoma wineries allows for a very merry celebration and great Sonoma wine tasting. So it’s best that you plan to put your feet up, unwind and not worry about the stress of getting around during your day of Sonoma wine tasting. Let us explore some other reasons why it’s worth considering a personal driver.

Designated Driver

Driving under the influence is a very serious concern. Consider that not only you, but many other wine country lovers are also out on the road wine tasting from one stop to the next. Visiting Wine Country offers a time for not only leisure and relaxation but a time to re-connect closely with your loved ones or connect more intimately with co-workers outside the corporate or home office. Set aside this time to enjoy yourself and let us impress your guests and team members by taking care of driving duty. Wineries in Sonoma and Napa can often be “off the grid” and cell service isn’t always optimal. Having a driver to ensure you stay on the right path and on time to your destination is the key to a successful jam-packed day of wine tasting.

Local’s Knowledge

Don’t rely on technology and review sites to choose your dining destination. Our Platypus Wine Tours team are proud locals and are excited to welcome wine tasters to our part of the world. One of the luxuries of taking a customized wine tour is taking the road less traveled. A handful of high-end wineries share the spotlight due to strategic marketing and big advertising budgets. As locals, we are on first name basis with winemakers at smaller family wineries who choose to fly under the radar. If you want to impress your guests and really experience the best of wine country, customize a personalized wine tour and get an intimate tasting of some of the finest wine on the California coast. The same goes for discovering hidden epicurean wonders from speak-easy Sonoma wine bars, hidden bakeries to hole in the wall cafes in across wine country

Participating in Additional Pours

As we mentioned, harvest is a time for celebration. A time when winemakers have finished crushing or are in the process of pressing grapes fresh off the vine. With the season’s festivities come true country charm. Wine tasting teams are almost guaranteed to provide you an exclusive pour or uncork something special just for you. Don’t subject yourself to the pressure of not participating because you have to drive home.

Our tour hosts are so excited to guide you on a safe and eventful day escape. Call Platypus Wine Tours today and ask us our friendly team about planning a boutique custom day out for you to relax and press reset. More information reserving your booking online at