Have you always dreamed of sipping on a delicious Napa Valley Cabernet while looking out amongst the views of the vineyards? Napa wineries and wineries in Sonoma have become quite the popular getaway for couples and friends who are wanting to experience all that wine country has to offer. With wine country commonly referred to as “Disneyland for adults” and the amount of people frequently traveling to the vineyards, you may be wondering when a good time to visit is. Well, wonder no more, the perfect time to pack your bags and head to this world-famous destination is Cabernet Season!
Cabernet Season is a time after the grapes are harvested and the valley begins to quiet down from the vast amounts of tourists – end of November until Spring. During this time the wineries in Sonoma and Napa wineries are not as crowded and have more availability for you to experience your wine tasting. Another pro-tip is traveling mid-week to wine country in Cabernet Season which can lead to better discounts at hotels and more availability at some of the most popular restaurants.
The best time to visit wine country also includes some amazing events during this time. Our partners at Visit Napa Valley have included a list of all the special offers and must attend events. A few events include:

  • Napa Valley Film Festival
  • Napa Lighted Art Festival
  • Napa Truffle Festival
  • Restaurant Week
  • Napa Valley Marathon
  • Yountville International Short Film Festival
  • Campovelo

Check out the full list of events here.
In addition to all of the options for Cabernet Season, a Napa wine tour or Sonoma wine tour is also a great way to explore multiple wineries. A wine tour is the perfect way to make the most of your time traveling through the vineyards. You’ll experience Napa wineries and wineries in Sonoma off the beaten path when you book a join-in tour, and a completely custom experience when you select a private tour. Either way we offer an unforgettable experience enjoying all that wine country has to offer.