Wine lovers from across the globe have traveled near and far, packed their bags, and have headed to the beautiful Napa and Sonoma valleys for a wine tasting getaway. A getaway with memories filled with incredible food, world renowned wineries, beautiful resort accommodations, all set in the rolling hills surrounded by vineyards. Traveling to wine country will still be a dreamy experience, but there will be some recent changes as the recent shelter in place guidelines have been lifted. Rest assured the local tourism and wine industry are doing their absolute best to ensure a memorable and safe experience. Tourism to the Napa wine tasting and Sonoma wine tasting regions have never been more crucial to help support the area as a whole!

Over the past year the Napa and Sonoma wine country areas have adapted and made changes to safely comply with state orders while visiting the valley. If you have had the pleasure of visiting the wine tasting areas of Napa and Sonoma during this time of year, you are familiar with the blissful Mediterranean style climate. The weather in Napa and Sonoma is currently idyllic for the al fresco dining experience as the restaurants created some picturesque outdoor spaces for their guests to enjoy during the sunny days into the crisp evenings. As you walk through downtown or head north into the valley you will see how the restaurants have created an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Not only have the restaurants excelled at modifying their dining arrangements, but the Napa wine tastings and Sonoma wine tastings have also seen recent changes that will most likely be around for the foreseeable future. Instead of claiming your small corner of the bar amongst a crowd for a counter wine tasting, seated tastings will be the new normal for your wine tasting experience at most wineries. This intimate wine tasting allows you to be able to interact with your host more and enjoy a more comfortable setting while you taste through your wine selection.

Another recent addition to the Napa wine tasting and Sonoma wine tasting experiences are the “by appointment only” requirement at the wineries. This will allow wineries to properly and safely monitor the flow of traffic and capacity of guests looking to wine taste on a given day. Not only will this give you a less crowded experience but it will also promote more personal attention from the winery during your experience Napa wine tasting. Wineries will be able to safely allow guests with their reservation to enjoy the wine tasting while also being able to properly sanitize before the next party reservation arrives.

All in all, wine country is ready to welcome you back with open arms (at a safe six feet social distance) with new and improved updates for your getaway. If you have any specific questions regarding what your dining, lodging, or wine tasting experience will entail, we recommend reaching out to the company and location directly!