Our very own Jenny Toomer and Platypus-In-Chief himself, Don Rickard, are featured guides on GuideAdvisor.
GuideAdvisor strives to provide the most comprehensive listing of guides on the planet, reaching a global audience of travellers looking for guided experiences. They believe that guides, and their relationship with travellers, are even more important to the travel experience than location and activity. So they’ve designed a forum that brings guides and travellers together to ideally create the best trips in the world. In short, GuideAdvisor is like TripAdvisor except they focus on guides rather than hotels and attractions, etc.
In addition to Wine Tours, the site also features guides for City Tours, Food Tours, History Tours, Walking and Biking Tours and more.
You can view both Jenny’s profile and Don’s profile on their website and featured Platypus Wine Tours listed there.
“The best thing about being a wine tour guide is spending all day with a small group of people, getting to know them, and showing them the wonders of this region.” – Don Rickard
Of course, more info and additional tour options (including Private Wine Tours) can also be found at www.PlatypusWineTours.com
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