Even though most of the Napa wineries as well as wineries throughout the valley and tasting rooms are currently closed or have modified hours for wine pick up only due to the shelter in place and guidelines in place due to COVID-19, the vineyards in wine country are full of life and very active! During this time of year the vines are moving from the bud break stage in the growing process to the flowering stage. During this time the rolling hills of green vineyards begin to bloom small white flowers. These white flowers play a very important and key part of the grape growing process. Get the family out of the house and take them on a different version of a Napa winery tour by driving by wineries and viewing what the vineyards have to visually offer.
The tiny white flowers that bloom each have the opportunity to each grow a grape berry. The success of each flower developing into a grape berry greatly depends on the climate and weather conditions during this time of year. To prevent frost from harming the flowers on the vines, you will notice large fans throughout the vineyards in wine country. Their purpose is to circulate the cold air and prevent the temperatures from affecting the grape growing process. The flowers stage can take up to around two months in most regions of one country before the warm summer temperatures take over.
As Napa wineries and wineries throughout the valley begin to move closer to opening their tasting rooms backup and the city of Napa is on it’s way to re-opening businesses from the shelter in place, there will be opportunities soon to visit on a Napa winery tour! This time of year in Napa is truly special because it allows wine lovers to see this exciting time during the growing process. As Napa Valley is a top tourist destination in wine country, the community will need your help and support to recover so get ready to plan your wine country getaway soon!