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Winery Pet Spotlight

Max at Godspeed Winery

Where I live:  Godspeed Winery

How I found my Forever Home: I was rescued at 1 year of age from having to spend my life as a Garage Dog!

My Age: 28!

My Breed: Lab / Rottweiler Mix

My Favorite Toy: A Rock the size of a Football:)

My Favorite Food is: Toast with peanut butter at the breakfast table!

My Favorite wine to lick off the floor is:    Godspeed Cabernet Sauvignon

My Favorite thing to chase is: Rabbits

What I do to Relax:  Lay in the Sun

The Naughtiest thing Ive ever done is: Runaway for 2 days & stayed with a neighbor 7 miles away!

My partners in crime include:  The Lab, Jake… my neighbor!

_Max of Napa_ @ Godspeed Vineyards