As you have no doubt heard that this past Sunday, in the wee hours of the morning, Napa and the whole wine country underwent the rough & tumble experience of a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for everyone, it will certainly make a great story for our grandchildren!
We are touched and very grateful that so many guests, partners and friends have reached out with concern about our employees and our business. We are happy to report that all of the Platypus family is safe and our operation was not significantly affected by any earthquake damage.
While we were very lucky, the cleanup for some of our partners may take a bit longer. We support them in their efforts to get back in the business of caring for the Valley visitors.
The media coverage has been significant and the question continues to be raised: ”Will Napa Valley ever be able to recover from this?” Of course we will, and we assure you that we and the vast majority of this region are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!
We offered limited tours last Sunday. By Monday we were back at 100% with all tours running in Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley and Northern Sonoma. We’re excited for a busy Labor Day holiday weekend and can’t wait to share all of our stories with you. It’s a beautiful time to be here and predictions are that we’re going to have an amazing wine harvest!
Thank you again for your thoughtfulness! We urge you to continue with any plans you may have to visit. If you didn’t have plans… well now is a great time to start looking for that hotel promotion!
If you have any questions regarding a tour, please feel free to reach out to us at 707-253-2723 or email us at