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Category: Private Tour

As soon as you contact us or submit a form, we’ll confirm that we have a guide and vehicle available for your tour date.

Category: Private Tour

There is no set length of time to ensure availability. Saturday and holiday weekends fill up the fastest. Fall is our busiest season, followed closely by summer.

Category: Private Tour

Our fleet can handle all different sizes of groups large and small, so theoretically there is no limit.

Category: Private Tour

There are a great many variables involved with wine tour pricing, but we’ve done our best to simplify the process.

If your touring needs fit into one of our predefined pricing packages, just pick it out and book it.  Click here to see our tour packages

Many of our clients require a more customized price quote. If this is your need, please see our Quote Form

We are usually able to get customized quotes turned around the same day.

Category: Private Tour

You can book a Platypus private wine tour by selecting one of the *packages* we offer, or by completing our *quote* form to have a customized price quote emailed to you. If that quote works for you, let us know and we’ll get your wine tour booked.

Once you’re booked in, we’ll furnish you with a questionnaire you can use to tell just what you’d like your wine tour day to look like. If you’d rather just leave it all to us, just let us know.

Some of our wine tour clients have already set up their own winery appointments. If that’s the case, just let us know which locations and at what times you’ve reserved.

Others are happy to visit only those wineries that do not require appointments in advance (there are a handful of such wineries). In this case, we’ll book you in and you and your tour guide can work out your wineries on the day of your tour.

More commonly, we find a lot of folks need some experienced help. If you need your appointments made for you, or help figuring out which would be the best wineries for you to visit, we’re very happy to provide these services. Your quote will outline the price for this type of planning service provided by a tour curator.

We’ll assign a tour curator, who will work with you to customize your wine tour itinerary, including any specific wineries you may want to be sure to visit. The curator will then create a mock-up of your tour day and email it to you. Once you’ve looked it over and given us your approval, the curator will make any or all of your tour appointments.

Once your appointments have been made, we’ll email your finalized itinerary.

On your tour day, one of our (most-awesome) tour guides will pick you up and use that itinerary to conduct your tour.

We expect that you’ll find this process to be straightforward and easy. It’s the best way to navigate the complexities of the wine country!

Category: Private Tour

Meeting wine-makers and winery owners and perhaps even tasting wines at their homes?

Are you into wine cave tours? Barrel tastings? Food and wine pairings? Exploring the grounds?

How about mountainside wineries? Elegant chateaus? Farmhouses? Historic ghost wineries?

This region offers such a wide variety of unique, lifetime memorable activities, so there are litterally thousands of different combinations available for creating a perfect wine-tasting day!

Because wine tours is our whole focus (and our passion), we have tons of wine tour experience and many years actively cultivating relationships with a wide range of beautiful and amazing wineries to provide the most compelling wine tasting experiences.

We’ve come to know which does what best at whatever it is you might be looking for, and we would love to put that expertise to work for you!

Category: Private Tour

Nothing is more important to us than keeping safe our guests and our staff!  Please visit our COVID-19 page for more information.  CLICK HERE

Category: Private Tour

We’ll host your private wine tour in a vehicle that is dedicated to just you and whoever is in your party. Included is a friendly and personable tour driver who also happens to be a well-informed wine tour guide. The wine tour vehicle may be a car, a van or a shuttle bus, depending on the number of passengers in your group.

This differs from our Join-in tours in that your vehicle will not be shared with any passengers not in your party.

Private tours are perfect for any of the following:

  • You want to have your tour day tailored to your preferences
  • You want to select any or all of the wineries you’ll be visiting, or at least you want to approve them
  • Sharing the experience with folks you don’t know is not what you have in mind