2013 Mid-Summer for the Wine Valley is certainly warming up with temperatures sailing through the rooftops!  This however doesn’t stop the process of making wine.  Currently we sit in what’s known as the “transitional time” period.  Farmers are currently “thinning fruit”-(cutting back the vines to maintain control, manage crop yield and any overgrowth.  This is all in conducive concern and awareness with natures hottest factor…the sun!  The grapes need a certain amount of sunlight to produce perfectly.  While we use sunscreen- farmers protect their grapes with shade (otherwise known as canopy-management) cutting back and maneuvering the leaves and branches surrounding the grapes themselves.


The fog in our valley’s area is part of the key to creating some of the greatest wines ever tasted.  The cooling effect creates a time allowance for flavor development…..and gives “us” cooler temperatures to keep from “sipping and sweating!”

Veraison (color turning of the grapes) will start then soon after harvest time will be here, better known as “crushing season”.
More info and pictures to come during Veraison!!! The most beautiful part of all seasons.