Sonoma Wine Tours

Picnic lunch included – winery tasting fees are extra

Join-­In Wine Tour of the Sonoma Valley

A world­-class wine region in its own right, the Sonoma Valley is
intimate, charming, and very historic. The town of Sonoma is the home of
the northernmost and last built of the California Missions. Some of
the oldest wineries in the west are located here. On this tour, we’ll
share some of the rich history and give you a feel for the culture of this region.

Our small ­group guided Sonoma wine tours are organized Join-In style, so on this tour, you’ll share your day with a few other friendly, wine-­interested travelers. This will be an intimate, yet social and light­hearted journey through the Sonoma Valley. We’ll show you four charming, small to medium-sized wineries (many of which are still family-owned), with an up­beat and well ­informed tour guide. Along the way, you’ll enjoy a very tasty picnic lunch and have the opportunity to taste some wonderful wines.

  • Visit four wineries – rich in charm and history
  • Take in awesome and inspiring views
  • Taste some delicious wines
  • Learn tidbits of local wine making, history and culture
  • Dine on a very tasty picnic lunch – served at a winery
  • Cheese platter and bottled water served on board the bus
  • Share the experience with other fun people
  • Personable and well-informed tour guide
  • Feel you’ve experienced the real Sonoma Wine Country!