If you head over to downtown, or “Sonoma square,” you will see just how charming and adorable the town really is. With beautiful tasting rooms throughout, you can easily enjoy wine from local Sonoma wineries. There are also some incredible places to dine throughout the square including “the Girl & the Fig,” “Plaza Bistro,” “Tasca Tasca Tapas” and so much more. If you are venturing for a Michelin Star rated experience, look no further than “Santé” just north of downtown.
Beyond the tasting rooms located in the square, you can visit historic Sonoma wineries spread out among the countryside. Discover the roots of wine industry when you venture to North Sonoma and find out how the region became the U.S.’s first wine country. Hop on any of our Sonoma wine tours to experience the beautiful hidden gem wineries that are off the beaten path. With more than 400 wineries to choose from there are plenty of options to explore and experience a Sonoma wine tasting.
Not only does Sonoma have great places to eat and drink, but it also has a wide array of outdoor activities. Sonoma is home to the famous Russian River where visitors and locals love to enjoy paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and all the joys of this beautiful wine country river. Escape the rush of the busy city to a peaceful hike on one of the many popular trails in Sonoma with an outdoor picnic. What a way to get back to nature and feel rejuvenated!

You can experience even more fun in Sonoma County with its amazing summer events. This includes winery events, various summer themed festivals, music festivals, lobster feeds, marathons, a 4th of July Celebration, and too many more to name and count! One ever growing and popular event is the “Country Summer Music Festival” at the Sonoma fairgrounds. Get ready for a full weekend of country fun with some of country music’s top artists!
We hope these ideas help you plan a memorable and exciting trip to Sonoma! Want to leave the planning to us? Check out our Sonoma wine tours where you can simply hop on our bus and venture into the magnificent wine country!