Wineries worldwide create wine clubs to reward loyal customers with certain benefits and priorities not available to the public. These perks include discounts, invitations to special events, complimentary Sonoma wine tasting or Napa Valley wine tastings, and more.

Each winery offers different incentives that encourage new members to join and existing members to remain. Both novice and experienced wine enthusiasts are encouraged to join, and the cost of membership is generally a commitment to purchase a minimum number of bottles each year.

In return, wine club members enjoy specific benefits, although these vary from one winery to the next.

Becoming a Wine Club Member

As visitors sample the wines of the various boutique wineries during a Napa Valley or Sonoma winery tour with Platypus Wine Tours, they may discover a winery whose style and wine match their preferences perfectly. In many instances, these individuals opt to order a certain quantity of their favorite to be shipped to their homes on a predetermined frequency. Depending on the winery’s basic requirements, the individual may automatically enroll in a wine club membership.

In many instances, the winery may have different levels of membership based on the quantity purchased annually.

Benefits of a Wine Club Membership

Each wine club is different, although the perks attached to membership are generally similar. These include:

Access to Exclusive Wines

Winemakers may formulate a limited production of a special high-quality wine in any given year. Wine club members are given exclusive access to purchase these exciting and unique wines that are not available to non-members.


Wineries offer discounted pricing to their wine club members as a further show of appreciation for their commitment.

Learning Opportunities

Wine clubs often provide their members educational resources such as tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and virtual tastings. These materials and experiences help members learn more about wine and improve their tasting skills.

Wine club members and non-members also gain insight from in-person presentations that are part of a Napa Valley or Sonoma winery tour conducted by Platypus Wine Tours of Napa, CA.

Convenience of Delivery

Enjoy all your favored wines delivered directly to your home or packed and ready for pickup at the winery. Wine club members can eliminate all the time and effort wasted hunting for their favorite wines in stores.

Networking and Community

Wine club members congregate for exclusive events at the winery or other venues. Membership offers opportunities to connect with other wine enthusiasts for socializing and networking through complimentary wine tastings, special events, and even online forums.

Customization and Personalization

Some wine clubs personalize wine selections based on individual preferences, recommending wines tailored to the member’s tastes and preferences.

Gifts and Surprises

Wine clubs often include surprise gifts or extras in shipments intended to be fun and exciting surprises for members.

Real Value

The cost of membership in a wine club is no more than what you would otherwise pay for your favorite wines at home. A wine club membership may include convenient and regular monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual shipments of your unique wine preferences, plus a load of other perks.

During your next Sonoma or Napa Valley wine tasting, ask your winery host about their wine club memberships and benefits.

Reserve Your Platypus Napa Valley or Sonoma Winery Tour to Learn More

With Platypus Wine Tours, you and your partner or associates will visit some boutique wineries offering delicious and unique handcrafted wines. During your tour, you will learn about winemaking and tasting while sampling some genuinely high-end wines.

Participants will learn about each winery, make purchases of their favorites, and explore the benefits of each winery’s unique wine club.

Sonoma and Napa Valley winetasting experiences with Platypus Wine Tours are educational, safe, and highly entertaining from start to finish. To reserve your place for a join-in or private Napa Valley or Sonoma wine tour, visit the Platypus Wine Tour website.