If you haven’t been to Napa Valley or Sonoma Wine Country lately, this autumn is the perfect time to visit. The glorious scenery, excellent weather, reduced crowd size, welcoming communities and wineries, and highly accommodating Wine Country tours will provide unique and memorable experiences.

And, during the Covid-19 pandemic, villages, wineries, and private wine tours Napa Valley are enforcing protocols essential to keep all visitors and employees safe.

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During these challenging times, you can take advantage of reduced lodging rates and smaller crowds. As a result, you may not need to reserve your private or group wine tours as far in advance as usual.

Besides the obvious advantages of reduced demand is the expectation that both the tour company and each winery will be even more accommodating than during the more “rushed” seasons.

Between stops of your Napa Valley or the Sonoma Wine Country Tours, you will enjoy the magnificent scenery and unparalleled views of the emerald green hills, pristine communities, and the vineyard rows now framed in beautiful lavender and mustard flowers following the grape harvest.

And, on clear days, you will notice the fluffy clouds backed by the bluest-of-blue skies while you travel from place to place.

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The perfect gift at the end of a challenging year, purchasing Napa Valley or Sonoma wine country tours for your partner, family, or friends from Platypus Wine Tours will be well-received and long-remembered.

Since the nearby fires have subsided and wine country tour operators and wineries have instituted very safe protocols to counter the pandemic, many visitors are now planning their return to the region. Individuals, couples, and groups will enjoy a safe and beautiful Napa Valley or Sonoma wine country as a highly desirable and long-awaited escape from the many stresses of 2020.

A visit to Napa Valley during at this time is the perfect solution to isolation. The crowds are smaller, making social distancing far easier. Businesses, communities, and wine country tours operators throughout the region are always mindful of your health and safety and will ensure that necessary protocols will be followed.

For example, Platypus Wine Tours:

  • Tours are limited to 6-8 individuals to allow for proper social distancing during their wine tours.
  • Tests all employees and will not allow any to participate if they show the slightest symptoms.
  • Requires drivers and employees to wear masks.
  • Passenger compartments are completely sanitized daily using CDC-compliant products, while tour drivers sanitize touch surfaces frequently during the tour.
  • Guests will wear masks during the tour, except when the guests will be tasting wines. Guests will be socially distanced at each winery stop.
  • Provides hand sanitizers to each guest.

For more information and to make reservations regarding Platypus Wine Tours, visit the website at https://www.platypustours.com/. You can also email Platypus Wine Tours at info@platypustours.com.

You may also reserve your group or private wine tours Napa Valley or Sonoma by phoning Platypus Wine Tours at 1-707-253-2723.