Quarantine and shelter in place regulations definitely have us learning new hobbies and leisure-time activities during this time. Some of these new found interests can include exercise, writing, painting, cooking and of course maybe sipping on some delicious wine while you are in the kitchen. With many people now having more time on their hands while working from home and with restaurants closed for dine in, there has definitely been an increase for cooking at home. To take your cooking experience to the next level why not enhancing the food by trying a wine pairing. You can now have a Sonoma wine tasting experience right from your own home.
You can take the skills you have acquired from your past wine country tours adventure and find the perfect wine and food pairing that you can make at home. It can seem a little daunting but there are simple pairings that even the most inexperienced chef can recreate. To help make the process more simple, we have put together a list of three summer wines with different food pairing ideas to perfectly compliment your wine.


Popularly known as the crowd favorite for the warm summer months, there are some great food pairings to compliment your refreshing glass of rosé. While there are many different variations of grapes that can be used to blend rosé, one thing always remains constant and that is it pairs great with white meat like chicken or salmon. Options for this food pairing could include a summer chicken salad or grilled salmon. If you are looking to skip the animal product, think of a vegetable linguine pasta pairing.


Not very many people may think of Chardonnay to pair with desserts, but let us explain. This crisp wine varietal can range from unoaked to very oaked and from dry to sweet. Chardonnays can be more complex than the widely popular opinion that this varietal is often too “buttery.” However, the complexity of Chardonnay can be a great match for a number of desserts. This can include creamy vanilla desserts like cheesecake, cobbler, soufflé, and more. Fruit, like orange, strawberries, and lemon can also be delicious pairings with Chardonnay.

Pinot Noir

Creating a delicious cheese and charcuterie board for an appetizer or main course if perfect with a glass of Pinot Noir. This light red wine pairs great with a variety of cheeses, including gruyére, taleggio, and the famous brie cheese. A Pinot Noir will be the standout component to make your next cheeseboard fantastic by also featuring some delicious charcuterie, Italian salami, prosciutto, etc.
It is a fantastic way to enhance the taste of your food and the wine by combining both. We hope these food and wine pairings inspire you to challenge your cooking skills with these fun pairing tips.
As the Sonoma and Napa Valley re-opens be sure to schedule your next Wine country tours ahead so you can get the best experience during your Napa and Sonoma wine tasting. Visit our website or call us to book today.