We are very thrilled to announce that wine country is back open and Napa Wineries are welcoming guests for tasting experiences. While Sonoma and Napa wineries are opening back up we also have our private wine tours Napa available for your next visit to wine country. We have definitely missed seeing you all here in Napa Valley and Sonoma! With wine country in full swing of the warm Summer Season, the vineyards definitely have a lot going on. This is a very exciting time for Napa wineries as we are getting closer and closer to the fall Harvest Season. This means that the vines must be getting more ready to show off some grapes and be further along in the growing cycle. While the vineyards are full of green luscious vines, they are ending the flower stage and moving into the fruit set step.
Fruit set is a very important step in the grape growing process as this is when the beautiful white flowers on the vines begin to form berries. While not every flower will transform into a small berry, the winemakers and vineyard managers are able to gage what the crop projection will look like come Harvest in the Fall. This is an important time as the crop projection will tell wineries roughly how many bottles of wine they will be producing with that particular crop. The success of the fruit set is affected by a few different variables including the type of grape varietal, weather conditions, good management practices, and coulure.
Taking a private wine tour Napa through the vineyard at your next wine tasting with your host is a great way to learn more about this process and to see it first hand. Some wineries are offering these private tours around the property during this time while some may not be yet. We definitely recommend reaching out to the wineries you would like to visit on your own to make sure the tour is available with a wine educator.
When you are ready to plan your next private wine tours Napa, Call us at 707-253-2723 or visit our website to book your reservation and let us show you around Napa Valley and Sonoma.
See you in wine country soon!