It has finally arrived, the much-anticipated Netflix “Wine Country” film featuring some of our favorite actresses, and our favorite wines. With a star-studded SNL cast, including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and more, there has been a lot of excitement waiting for its premiere.  When the news broke about this cast working on a Napa Valley inspired wine country Netflix movie, there was a lot of buzz around the community. Filmed mainly in Calistoga, we have been looking forward to seeing how Napa wineries and Calistoga wineries would be showcased and how a girl’s trip to the valley would be portrayed.
The Napa Valley wine industry was all very interested to see the film and wondered what angle the movie would take – a more light-hearted approach to wine tasting, or the educational route? I think that “Wine Country” leans towards the first with its humor and lack of serious wine educational components. I first saw the sneak peek premiere of the film at the quaint St. Helena Cameo Theater. There were excited movie-goers from the community, plenty of theater snacks including delicious buttery popcorn, and of course some amazing Napa wine. Because when in Napa, seeing the premiere of “Wine Country” it seems only fitting to have a glass of wine…or two!
As we all anxiously waited for the lights to dim and the movie to start, everyone chatted and caught up on the latest news in the Valley. The Napa Valley community is a special one where folks can all pretty much relate on one thing…wine. It is a place known all over the world for wine, including 400+ wineries, downtown tasting rooms, etc. it is hard to ignore the fact that we are a true wine community. As it was almost time for the movie to start, we all secretly hoped that the cast would be making a surprise appearance to really elevate the experience, but sadly Tina Fey did not pop out from behind the curtain. The movie began to roll and we all sat waiting to see what Hollywood thought of our wine country.
While it was fun to see the movie in this theater setting in Napa, I think the ideal way to watch is with a group of friends and a couple bottles of wine. The film has some very funny moments that had me almost in tears from laughter as it pokes fun at the “girl’s trips” escaping to Napa. While Napa Valley is among the most well-known wine regions in the world, the group does not seem interested to learn anything about wine or the history of the valley, only to drink the “white wine.” If you and your gal pals are interested in experiencing something similar (maybe with a few educational aspects too), the perfect California wine tour is available for you!
The storyline contained a lot of different underlying life lessons and important tips all while sipping on some great wine. The group ventured to a few very well-known Napa wineries and Calistoga wineries in the valley for some wine tasting. And even though there was a lot of wine and beautiful Napa vineyards featured in the film, I do wish they had gone to a few more wineries and more familiar areas around town. I thought there were some very funny parts, and I think the movie is intended to show a simpler side to wine tasting and focus primarily on the story of old friends getting back together and what they have learned along the way. After all, wine country us one of those magic places that brings friends together – we can surely attest to that.
–        By Sara Biodi
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Photo Courtesy of Los Angeles Times