In a relatively small part of California, specifically an area of 30 miles long by 5 miles wide, lies one of the most renowned destinations to visit.  This small corner of the world is home to the iconic Napa Valley wine country. If you have the opportunity to travel to Napa Valley wineries and experience some amazing wine you are in for a real treat!
However, what if you want to mix it up from wine and explore other options while you are in this California paradise? Have no fear, Napa is also home to some incredible breweries you can venture to during your stay! Our private wine tours in Napa can also take you to any brewery. Here is a small list of local breweries to check out during your visit:
Stone Brewing – This brewery first opened in San Diego in 1996 and recently just open its doors in Napa only few years ago. The brewery and full restaurant are located just on the Napa Valley River in downtown in a truly historic 1877 stone building. They are famous for their selection of some amazing beer.
Tannery Bend Beer – Opened in March of 2017 by two Napa locals who have always dreamed of having a brewery in the valley. They have a full selection of various types of beers including some incredible IPAs and Ales. This brewery is in Napa iconic Tannery Row district right near the Napa River.
St. Claire Brown – Located right in the downtown area of Napa, St. Claire Brown is home to a winery AND a brewery! Talk about the best of both worlds! The brewery is located just across the street from the Napa Valley winery and is growing continuously from the 15 beer portfolio they currently have. The wine and beer garden are the perfect place to snack on a delicious cheese board and enjoy some beer or wine!
Fieldwork Brewing – Located right in the bustling Oxbow Market in downtown Napa, this is the perfect spot for a refreshing beer after strolling through each shop. Fieldwork offers samplers so you can try a variety of beers which will go perfectly with any food from the surrounding establishments.
Downtown Joe’s Brewery – This spot is a local’s favorite and is located in the historic Oberon building in downtown Napa. Brewing in Napa has history here and you’ll feel it once you step in. Enjoy craft beers made right in their microbrewery (which you can visit), each with unique and artistic labels that connect to Napa.
There are even more amazing breweries, distilleries, and Napa Valley wineries in the region. We hope you have the opportunity to visit them through a join-in or private wine tour in Napa! Visit our site or call us at 707-253-2723 to schedule your tour today!
Photo: Tannery Bend Beerworks, Dan Rosman