Welcome to Platypus Wine Tours



Hopefully I can keep this brief: Our tours are all about our guests. About you.

After interacting with many, many wine tour guests over the years, and because we have been paying attention to what our tour guests have told us, we’ve learned a lot about what visitors really hope to experience while they are here in our magnificent wine country.

Here it is:

• Relax and enjoy their precious time here.

• Do and see things that are truly memorable. Taste great wines.

• Explore this region; take in the awesome vistas and meet people and get behind the scenes.

• Learn a bit and hear some of the fascinating stories.

In essence, to truly experience this place and become immersed in its renowned magic.

I founded Platypus Tours and brought together a really special group of passionate people for the purpose of helping you achieve these goals, if you aspire to them as well.

We have been honing this craft all these years. We live for it.

But this is your story…your adventure. We won’t forget that.

We’re ready to be the guides and ambassadors who can unlock it all for you.

I hope you will choose to join us on this adventure.

Very truly yours,


Don Rickard (founder)

Platypus Wine Tours