Private Wine Tours


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  • Private, customized wine tour designed specifically for you
  • Taste some of the world’s most delicious wines
  • Take in awesome and inspiring views
  • Learn tidbits of local wine making history and culture
  • Personal, highly trained and informed drivers/tour guides
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Lunch option is available
  • Simple and straightforward quoting and booking process


Take our quiz and find out your vehicle options with prices. Interested? Just click the vehicle and fill out our quick form. Our staff will be in touch shortly to answer all your questions.

You will love your tour with us.
What makes us so confident?

Partially because we are so very grateful and excited to be doing this kind of work. I founded this company way back in 2004, and most of the members of our tour guide team have been with me for years. In that time we’ve learned a great deal, mastered the complexities and nuances, and built an incredible array of relationships throughout the Napa Valley and Sonoma County wine country.

We are fixated on the notion that we can provide an awesome, lifetime-memorable tour for each of our tour clients.

I really hope you’ll give us a try!


Don Rickard

Founder, Platypus Tours Limited


Larger group tours like birthday parties, wedding-related tours and family reunions? Yes we do! Corporate outings like company off-sites, incentive events, and board retreats? Yes, yes, and yes! Please call our private tour specialists at 707-207-4236.


Private Tour Quote Request

Please fill out and submit the form on this page to receive a price quote for a private wine tour. (By private, we mean that you would not be sharing this tour with any tour guests not in your party)


The process couldn’t be easier!

Your private wine tour can be tailored to your specific preferences, if you like. Prepackaged private tours may be viewed here. Hourly rates are determined by a number of factors, such as how many guests will be on board, the day and season you choose, and how far away we’ll have to come to pick your party up. We can pick you up from a wide radius, including San Francisco, San Jose, the Bay Area, the Sacramento area and beyond. Quoted tour prices are inclusive of all taxes and fuel fees.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

More Information

Since private tours are customizable, what might your perfect idyllic day in the Wine Country look like?

Well, are you looking for awesome views and manicured grounds?

Tasting world-class wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc?

Meeting wine-makers and winery owners and perhaps even tasting wines at their homes?

Are you into wine cave tours? Barrel tastings? Food and wine pairings? Exploring the grounds?

How about mountainside wineries? Elegant chateaus? Farmhouses? Historic ghost wineries?

This region offers such a wide variety of unique, lifetime memorable activities, so there are litterally thousands of different combinations available for creating a perfect wine-tasting day!

Because wine tours is our whole focus (and our passion), we have tons of wine tour experience and many years actively cultivating relationships with a wide range of beautiful and amazing wineries to provide the most compelling wine tasting experiences.

We’ve come to know which does what best at whatever it is you might be looking for, and we would love to put that expertise to work for you!

Wine Tasting Fees

Tasting fees are charged by wineries to compensate them for the wines they pour. These fees can vary widely from one winery to another. The average tasting fee is currently about $40 to $75 per guest for anywhere from four to five tastes (an ounce or two). Some charge less and some charge more. Nearly all wineries charge these fees, but most will waive them if you are purchasing wine.

Meeting | Pickup

We’re happy to pick you up from your home or hotel, anywhere in the Napa or Sonoma wine country, in San Francisco, or any other accessible location within 50 or so miles of Napa or Sonoma. Quotes will vary depending on pick-up location.

General Questions

How can I determine if you have a tour vehicle available on my preferred tour date?

As soon as you contact us or submit a form, we’ll confirm that we have a guide and vehicle available for your tour date.

How far in advance should I reserve my tour?

There is no set length of time to ensure availability. Saturday and holiday weekends fill up the fastest. Fall is our busiest season, followed closely by summer.

How many guests can you accommodate?
Our fleet can handle all different sizes of groups large and small, so theoretically there is no limit.

Learn more about these questions as well as many others on our Private Wine Tours FAQ page.


Amazing Napa Wine Tour

“We had an amazing Napa wine tour with Sam Honey as our guide. We enjoyed the three different wineries that we visited and appreciated the fact that we received a small group experience at each one. Lunch was great, and everyone on the tour was fun and friendly. I highly recommend this tour to others!”

Sallie C. - Cincinnati, OH

March 29, 2023

Considering Sonoma wine tours? What advantages come with opting for private guided tours, and how do they enhance your overall wine-tasting experience in Sonoma Valley?

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How can I access exclusive offers for private group tours in Sonoma?

Unlock VIP treatment with private group tours in Sonoma! Enjoy exclusive offers tailored for your group, providing a personalized and immersive wine-tasting experience. By opting for private tours, you gain access to limited-time promotions, special tastings, and unique perks. Elevate your group’s journey through Sonoma’s picturesque vineyards with these VIP offerings, ensuring an unforgettable experience marked by luxury, superb wines, and the finest hospitality. Discover the secret to an extraordinary wine-tasting adventure with exclusive deals on private group tours.

How can you personalize your private wine tour experience in Sonoma to suit your preferences?

Discover the allure of customizable private wine tours right in Sonoma. Explore the various ways you can tailor your wine-tasting experience to match your preferences, ensuring a unique and unforgettable journey through the picturesque landscapes and exceptional wineries that Sonoma has to offer.

What makes private tours the best choice for exclusive interactions with Sonoma's winemakers?

Embark on the ultimate wine enthusiast’s journey with the best private tours in Sonoma. Experience exclusive behind-the-scenes access, allowing you to interact directly with esteemed winemakers. Engage in insightful conversations, learn about the winemaking process, and gain a deeper appreciation for the craft. These private tours offer a rare opportunity to go beyond the tasting room, creating a personalized and immersive experience that brings you closer to the passion and expertise of Sonoma’s top winemakers.

How can private day tours enhance a romantic experience for couples in Sonoma?

Elevate your romantic getaway in Sonoma with private day tours tailored for couples. Immerse yourselves in a personalized wine-tasting journey, exclusively curated to create lasting memories. With private tours, you enjoy intimate settings, special tastings, and scenic vineyard views. Discover hidden gems hand in hand and savor exquisite wines, ensuring a romantic escape filled with enchanting moments. Opt for private day tours to celebrate love in Sonoma, where every sip becomes a part of your unique and unforgettable story.

Which top wineries in Sonoma offer exclusive private tours for a truly luxurious experience?

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Elevate your celebrations with the best private wine tour companies in Sonoma. Discover a world of tailored experiences, personalized itineraries, and exclusive tastings as you commemorate special moments in style. These companies specialize in curating unforgettable journeys, ensuring your special occasions are marked by sophistication, exceptional wines, and memories that last a lifetime. Choose the pinnacle of luxury with these top-rated private tour providers in Sonoma.