A trip to wine country includes the popular experience of exploring vineyard wineries and participating in a traditional Napa Valley wine tasting. But another beautiful experience awaits those who travel to the less commonly known tasting rooms. Downtown Napa has a variety of tasting rooms allowing people to simply walk from one to the other. The outskirts of the town are also home to tasting rooms that are definitely worth mentioning. They often carry multiple brands from small production Napa Valley wineries and Sonoma wineries. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite places to experience a Napa Valley wine tasting.


Source: FeastItForward.com

The Studio by Feast it Forward
Downtown Napa’s newest addition to its tasting room collection, The Studio is an eclectic space created by lifestyle brand Feast it Forward. At this tasting room, guests can experience a variety of Napa Valley wine tastings by small production Napa Valley wineries and Sonoma wineries including Aiken Wines, Coho, Aratas, and more. What makes this room extremely unique is its collection of incredible brands, live showrooms, and a percentage of its proceeds going to charity.
Everything from the floors to appliances to high-end furniture is sponsored by national brands allowing guests to try out items as they relax and drink wine in a pretty cool space. An upstairs patio and showroom kitchen acts as the backdrop for live cooking demos by famous chefs. An awesome music lounge creates the perfect atmosphere. Make sure to pop in for a Napa Valley wine tasting and explore the space before you move to your next room.

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St Claire Brown’s Greenhouse Tasting Room
Open Thursday through Saturday, Greenhouse Tasting Room in Downtown Napa let’s guests explore the amazing wines of St Claire Brown Winery as well as beers from their Nano-brewery. One of the local small production Napa Valley wineries, making only 100-200 cases a year, St. Claire Brown offers impressive Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio and more. Guests can experience a wonderful Napa Valley wine tasting and beer tastings including Pilsner, Honey Wheat Ale, Pale Ale and Red Ale, just to name a few.

Source: TrinitasCellars.com

Trinitas Tasting Room at Vista Collina
Recently, the Trinitas Tasting Room has moved to Vista Collina and the new space is a must see. The Village is a hub at Vista Collina resort of nine tasting rooms featuring the best in boutique Napa Valley wineries and Sonoma wineries. Trinitas Cellars is family-owned and operated capturing the heart of Napa through their amazing wines and connecting people with the spirit of winemaking. At the tasting room, guests can experience a genuine Napa Valley wine tasting as well as shop the upscale market, eat high-end foods, and picnic on the beautiful lawns.
Experience Napa Wineries and Sonoma Wineries through Tasting Rooms
On your next trip to wine country, don’t dismiss the incredible tasting rooms of the region. Offering incredible Napa Valley wine tastings from boutique wineries, tasting rooms allow guests to experience another side of wine country, something a little different from your typical vineyard.