Great question! Like all California transportation companies, Platypus Tours is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission and the California Highway Patrol. We are subject to regular terminal inspections, during which our vehicles and our compliance documentation are thoroughly inspected. We are very serious about safety and compliance, so we have always passed these inspections with flying colors. Our vehicles are all safety-inspected by a certified mechanic every 45 days. Additionally, drivers are required to inspect his or her vehicle before every tour. Brakes and oil are serviced regularly. All servicing and inspections are documented. All of our commercial drivers undergo regular physical examinations, as well as random drug testing and disclosure of their driving history. There are restrictions in place for how many hours they may work in a day and how many days they may drive in a week. I could go on and on… I live & breathe this stuff. These regulations are strict, but very sensible, and we applaud our state for being so proactive in keeping the public safe.