Wine country is opening up and ready for your next visit. We are excited to announce that we are available for your next Napa Winery Tour. The last few months may have been a little hard while you were quarantined at home but next weekend plan a trip out of the house with your family. Join us on our next wine tour with your family and see what the wineries are up to during COVID-19.

What to expect:

  1. It’s gorgeous this time of year, as you would expect; but it’s also uncharacteristically sleepy, which should come as no surprise, given the pandemic. It’s really fun, and almost like a throwback to another time to be navigating the roads here with so little traffic, particularly when it is coming up Summer!
  2. Lots of wineries and other types of businesses seem to be slow at getting back to you. We’re hearing this a lot from folks calling into our office. We think this is a sign that the region is returning in a cautious and measured way, and also that many staff members are reluctant to come back to work right away. This has made it a little more difficult for us to schedule appointments for our guests, but since we’ve taken the trouble over the years to collect back-door numbers and text contact info, we’re mostly able to get around this issue.
  3. Many wineries are open, but all of them are restricting the number of guests they are seeing. Most are not seeing groups larger than six guests at this time to keep with social distancing guidelines. Despite the restrictions we are still happily scheduling wine tours for families while following all safety guidelines as well.
  4. COVID-19 precautionary measures are in place. Social distancing is well-accommodated and also expected. Masks are worn by staff and guests aboard tour vehicles and when entering wineries, but not once you begin your tasting experiences. Hand sanitizer is plentiful, and all businesses are trying to provide ‘touch-less’ solutions.
  5. Despite the restrictions, our guests are having a ball! Platypus guides report some of the most fun and gracious groups they’ve ever had out! Touring the Napa Valley with just those from your household makes it that much better when the jokes start flying.
  6. Restaurants are mostly open, but like in most locales, their seating is limited; so book your reservations in advance. They are required to collect contact information for every guest (we’re doing this, too) This is being done for contact-tracing purposes; if it is lated determined that someone infected with the virus visited a location where you were present, they want to be able to contact you and make recommendations about what next steps you should take.
  7. Expect to find many good deals now, particularly with lodging.

When you are ready to come back for your next Napa Winery Tour be sure to contact us to make your reservation at 707-253-2732 or visit our website  to book your wine tours today!