Platypus Join-in Wine Tour FAQsPlatypus Join-in Wine Tour FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Wine Tasting Fees and Coupons

What are winery tasting fees?

These are fees charged by the wineries, compensating them for the wine they pour for guests.

Are these fees included in my wine tour fee?

Sorry, no. The tasting fees are in addition to your tour charge.

How much are wine tasting fees?

These fees fall mostly between $10 to $15 per guest.

Are these fees ever waived?

Yes. Winery tasting fees are often waived for those guests who purchase wine or join the wine club at that winery. This is not always the case, so be sure and ask your driver.

May I share a tasting with my sweetie?

Yes. Almost any of the wineries we visit will allow our guests to share a tasting.

Am I required to taste at all of the wineries?

You are not required to taste at the wineries, and you will not be required to pay tasting fees for wineries at which you do not taste. There are a couple of wineries that are exceptions to this rule, so if this is your intention, be sure to consult your driver.

Can I get coupons for free or discounted tastings?

Inns and B&Bs can often set you up with tasting passes, but it's tricky to match those up with the wineries the tour will actually be visiting. Still, it's worth a try...

For more information on our tasting tours, please go our Napa Wine Tasting and Sonoma Wine Tasting pages.

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