It is an exciting time, planning your bachelor or bachelorette party and why not look any further than Northern California’s wine country! Napa and Sonoma have grown to be very popular destinations for bachelor and bachelorette parties. While we love hosting these groups and want everyone to have fun, there are some important tips for what to do and not do while enjoying this unforgettable trip. We decided to list 5 Dos and Don’ts for a bachelor/ette weekend in wine country. Check it out and find out how Platypus Tours help you maneuver through these tips. (PS: wine tours make THE BEST wedding gifts!)


  1. Eat breakfast and lunch. One of the most important things you can do before heading out for a day filled with wine tasting and celebration at the beautiful wineries in Napa and wineries in Sonoma, is to have a full breakfast and lunch. Good news is that there are so many amazing restaurants in the valley that have amazing breakfast and brunch menus. We also include lunch at a scenic winery on our join-in wine tours!
  2. Stay hydrated. This is a necessity during your trip to wine country and for all the wine consumed. At each tasting you can also ask for a glass of water which is another easy way to keep hydrated. If you’re joining us for a wine tour, we offer bottled water on the bus to make sure you stay cool in the heat and continue to feel good during tastings.
  3. Engage with your winery hosts. The hosts at the wineries love to meet new people and want to tell you all about their story and what makes their wine unique. Participate in your tasting experience, ask questions, and chat it up. We encourage you to buy wine too from your favorite spots as a lot of these wineries don’t distribute – take home a memory with a great bottle of wine!
  4. Take lots of pictures! Of course you will want to document this exciting day full of amazing wine, so make sure to ask your host to snap a photo of your group at the winery. You will definitely want the memories. Our tour guides love taking pictures of the group so don’t be shy and ask!
  5. Plan ahead for a trip to wine country. It’s a necessity, especially if you are traveling with a larger group. Make reservations beforehand for wineries and if you have a large party (more than 5), you want to make sure they have the availability for you. Throughout the year and especially on weekends, wineries can become very busy with guests visiting from out of town. Saturdays fill up far in advance while Fridays and Sundays have more availability for groups. Therefore, to avoid driving around from place to place trying to see if they can accommodate your group the day of, plan ahead and call the wineries to set up reservations.


  1. Dress inappropriately or in a way that may cause offense. Many wineries in Napa and wineries in Sonoma are family owned and operated, and some allow for guests to bring children. Wineries are not bars or clubs therefore avoid inappropriate clothing or accessories that may be considered offensive to those around you. Wineries are definitely a fun place but are also a place of business.
  2. Drink in between visits. At wineries in Napa and wineries in Sonoma you will have plenty of wine and there will be no need to drink in between winery visits. The goal is still to have a great time and to be able to enjoy the full tasting experience of each wine.
  3. Skip meals. Not only is breakfast an important meal of the day, but so is lunch! Make sure not to skip out on breakfast or lunch in between winery visits. Allowing enough time in the day for lunch is definitely key! There are so many amazing lunch places all throughout the valley.
  4. Mix alcohol. You learned this one in college. If wine is on the agenda for the day, we highly recommend enjoying only wine and not mixing different types of beverages. Avoid getting sick so you can enjoy your full vacation!
  5. Bring bad vibes. Napa is a dream vacation and many guests are visiting wine country for the first time and want to enjoy their experience. Be aware of your surroundings and other people – keep the positive vibes going and don’t let any negativity spread to folks who just want to have fun. Treat others the way you want to be treated and let’s have a great time!

Now that’re you’re all caught up on wine country etiquette, it’s time to book your wine tour! Platypus Wine Tours are ideal for bachelor and bachelorette parties and with the help of our experienced guides, you’ll experience wine country like never before. Best part yet, wine tours make an amazing wedding gift – give the gift of an unforgettable experience!