Napa Valley is filled with interesting sights and tastes. The unique restaurants, fascinating pubs, mind-blowing culture, and all the noteworthy wineries are sure to captivate anyone with a sense of exploration and unique tastes.

Wine and vineyard tours Napa Valley are filled with surprises, each one different than the others, and are loaded with unique adventures.

Take a trip with Platypus Wine Tours and find unique adventures around each corner as you visit the vineyards and taste the wines at various boutique wineries.

And it’s all done safely as your professional driver manages all your transportation.

What To Expect

Let the tour guides show you around Napa Valley and Sonoma County. You might take a tour of the vineyards at some wineries while enjoying a walk through the barrel room or cave of others.

Vineyard tours Napa and boutique winery visits are part of Platypus’ unique selection of destinations. You may participate in vineyard tours Napa Valley at some wineries while you enjoy the wine and pleasures of others. You will learn many aspects and challenges of growing the best possible grape while learning what the master winemakers do to turn these into their special award-winning wines.

You may walk through the barrel rooms to view the wines in storage, then sit down to relax and enjoy the output.

Napa Wine Tours are diverse experience where you may visit and learn about the vineyards and their management, then follow up with tours of other parts of the winery. The intent is to pass on the most information in the shortest time to ensure that your Napa wine tours are complete.

As you might imagine, Napa wine tours with Platypus Wine Tours are fun and very educational, exposing you to as much of the winemaking process as possible.

Sign Up for a Platypus Wine Tour

Platypus Wine Tours has designed a complete experience for each individual and their associates. Each Tour includes inciteful commentary from the host, brief descriptions of the growing and winemaking process, descriptions of some of the early developments in the area, and even some humorous insight into the local industry.

Many tours offer a visit to working vineyards, allowing the guests to walk among the rows of vines. The same tour may then show you the inside of the barrel rooms or caves where the wine is stored for fermentation and ageing.

You may even have a chance to see the winemaking in process and learn what makes a great varietal or blend.

To sign up for one of the vineyard tours Napa Valley or Sonoma and a visit to the wineries, visit the Platypus Wine Tours website. You can participate in a join-in tour or arrange private vineyard tours to entertain your family and friends.

If you have questions, you can also phone Platypus Wine Tours at (707)-253-2723.