The excitement of Sonoma can be yours with a customized tour crafted by the professionals at Platypus Wine Tours.

Immerse in Sonoma’s Wine Tour scene and enjoy all the region has to offer. From fascinating vineyards and wineries to fantastic scenery, Sonoma is the perfect place for a one-day outing or a much longer stay.

Uncork a Personalized Adventure

Create your dream itinerary by selecting those destinations in Sonoma County that offer the most.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all journey, a customized tour with Platypus lets you visit just those wineries and destinations that interest you most and will incorporate features that may not be available otherwise. Picnic along the way, sightsee some of the most sought-after locations, and enjoy the most unique wineries anywhere.

Choose Your Wineries

Platypus Wine Tours will tailor the experience to match your preferences. We’ll work with you to select wineries from our exclusive network, including favorites like Lasseter, Wellington, Loxton, Deerfield, VJB, Ty Caton, Little, Roche, Sebastiani, Buena Vista, Nicholson Ranch, Benzinger, Peter Cellars, Honrama, and Mayo.

With so many destinations to choose from, you might even have a hard time narrowing the tour to a reasonable length.

Explore Sonoma’s Hidden Gems

Consider separating a bit from the mainstream as you immerse in Sonoma’s Wine Tour Scene. Allow Platypus to exercise its deep industry connections to unlock experiences at some of the more unique boutique wineries.

Tastings at well-known establishments are always an option as you explore the unique charm and personality of Sonoma’s diverse and famous wine regions.

Enjoy the Experience with Your Personal Guide

Your Sonoma confidant, a Platypus wine expert, will help you experience each phase of your wine tour as you immerse in Sonoma’s Wine Tour scene. These passionate experts impart fascinating stories about the rich winemaking heritage of the area.

Feel free to ask questions, delve into the specific varietals, and enjoy personalized recommendations based on your palate.

You can travel at your own pace with a personalized tour. Set your rhythm and enjoy the wineries that interest you the most. You can adjust your schedule as you travel, perhaps savoring a particular winery that you wish to enjoy a bit longer. Your guide can manage changes to the itinerary, as needed, to ensure the tour is successful.

The tour will be your personalized Sonoma adventure, and we will endeavor to make it as relaxing and enjoyable as it is enriching.

Enjoy Your Experience with Loved Ones

With Platypus Wine Tours, you can immerse in Sonoma’s Wine Tour scene and enjoy the experience with loved ones or friends. Create lasting memories with those special people as you free yourselves from the challenges of the day.

Sonoma has so much to offer, and a personalized Sonoma Wine Tour will foster a relaxed, fun, and intimate adventure with your friends and family.

Reserve Your Private Tour of Sonoma and Napa Valley with Platypus Wine Tours

Contact Platypus Wine Tours for your private tour of Sonoma and customized itinerary. Immerse in Sonoma’s wine tour scene and rich heritage by booking a comprehensive tour of the wineries, vineyards, and other cultural sites.

You can reserve your private tour of Sonoma by visiting the Platypus website and by phoning Platypus Wine Tours at 707-253-2723.

An experienced professional will work with you to fashion an itinerary that will meet your needs, immerse in Sonoma’s Wine Tour scene, and provide you with the best possible private tour.