Experience Sonoma wine country tours and enjoy personalized demonstrations of winemaking and the welcoming reception of the area’s most prestigious vineyards.

Private tours include visits to the vineyards and opportunities to taste some of the area’s most exclusive wines. Plan your private tour with Platypus Wine Tours and experience all that Sonoma wineries offer.

VIP Wine Tastings

Guided by knowledgeable sommeliers and vintners at each winery, you can enjoy exclusive wine tastings of rare and limited-production vintages and an exploration of their vineyards. Listen and learn as the experts discuss the art of wine appreciation and some insights into making each wine.

The winery and vineyard staff at each winery will strive to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests that can include vineyard tours, wine cellar and aging room excursions, and beautifully designed wine tastings with gourmet food pairings.

Planning the Tour

Customers can arrange specific experiences in advance of the tour. These may include wine tastings that might consist of particular wines like reds, whites, or sparkling wines.

You will delight in the fusion of these wines and a carefully chosen menu of artisanal cheeses and other local delicacies.

Or, you might decide to select specific activities like winery barrel tastings or vineyard picnics that are also sure to please.

Outdoor wine tastings are very popular for guests to enjoy the wines and paired food items while treated to the phenomenal beauty of the landscape.

Travel in Style

Platypus Wine Tours offers the chance to experience Sonoma Wine Country Tours to fascinating boutique wineries while transported in a well-equipped chauffeured luxury vehicle designed for a safe, comfortable journey. You will enjoy the ever-changing, delightful scenery as you sit back, relax, and pass from Napa into beautiful Sonoma Valley.

The best way to experience Sonoma Wine Country tours, Platypus Wine Tours offers an unforgettable experience, one that you will cherish for a long time.

Tailored Experience

Almost anything is possible as you plan to experience Sonoma Wine Country Tours with Platypus Wine Tours. Stretch your imagination and create an outing for family or friends that is educational, enjoyable, and will not be forgotten.

Select the wines you wish to concentrate on. Plan a comfortable outdoor wine tasting hosted by one of the winery experts. Add deliciously planned pairings to the experience that will highlight the event.

Consider a barrel tasting where guests will have a chance to taste the wines before bottling, along with a casual, informative tour of the surrounding vineyards. Learn about the life of the grape from early bud break to the final harvest for each category.

There are very few limits to planning your exclusive tour as you experience Sonoma Wine Country tours.

Contact Platypus Wine Tours

Platypus Wine Tours, the leading tour company in Napa and Sonoma Wine Country, offers safe, flexible, and entertaining experiences for join-in and private groups. Guests may visit a few boutique wineries during their outings or choose to focus on a specific winery for a more complete and exciting experience.

When you choose to create a private tour, Platypus Wine Tours will work with you to create a unique experience.

To learn more about how Platypus Wine Tours works to fulfill your expectations, visit the Platypus Wine Tours website.

Or, if you wish to speak with someone directly to discuss and plan your adventure, phone Platypus Wine Tours at (707)-253-2723.