Wearing the appropriate attire for any event is essential, and the weather and surroundings will always play a significant role.

When participating in wine tasting, a casual elegant choice is considered the best option for visitors. The area is agricultural, and many locals dress to reflect that, so casual elegant attire will always work well.

What is Casual Elegance?

Casual elegance dress suggests somewhere between formal dress in black or white tie and casual with shorts, tired blue jeans, and sandals.

Napa Valley tasting rooms and outdoor areas are well-appointed, usually projecting sophistication and style.  A mixture of casual and elegant will fit well, allowing the visitor to be comfortable while still showing respect for the surroundings. Smart casual dress may include a well-fitted blouse or collared shirt with clean and well-tailored jeans or slacks.

A blazer or sweater with nice slacks or a skirt is always appropriate in these settings.

Consider the Weather

Weather can be an issue. Check the weather forecasts before venturing out and deciding your attire for Napa Valley wineries. Make sure to carry extra layers to protect you if the weather turns cooler or wet sometime during the day.

Consider sun protection during your visit. Between stops and during an outdoor tasting, you must dress appropriately to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Bring sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, and sunscreen, as a wine tour and tasting can leave you outside longer than you may intend.

Comfortable Footwear

Another consideration for the attire for Napa Valley wineries is comfortable footwear. Sometimes, you and your group may find yourselves walking through the vineyards, along pathways, or up staircases. So consider some practical options like closed-toed shoes, flats, loafers, or comfortable walking boots.

Practical Accessories

A lightweight tote bag is appropriate for any wine tours or tastings. The bag can carry your jacket or shawl, water bottle, and wine purchases you might make during the tour.

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