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Winery Pet Spotlight

Zucchini at Grgich Hills Estate

Where I live:  At my mom’s house in Napa.  We carpool together

How I found my Forever Home: I was at a Petco adoption event charming everyone with my brown eyes.  

My Age: I don’t remember but we’re guessing 5

My Breed: Chihuahua/Miniature Pincher

My Favorite Toy: Tennis Balls – I love chewing the fuzz off too

My Favorite Food is: Chicken skin when I can get it!

My Favorite wine to lick off the floor is:    Zinfandel!!!

My Favorite thing to chase is: Tennis Balls

What I do to Relax:  Sleep on a pile of throw pillows

The Naughtiest thing Ive ever done is: Tear apart the corner of an area rug

My partners in crime include:  Bean

I like Dreaming about….: That I weigh 150 pounds!