A Napa Valley wine tour includes more than simply visiting some boutique or larger wineries. Each outing may involve driving past stunning vineyards, enjoying the spectacular scenery, visiting pristine wineries, and hearing expert and enjoyable commentary from the tour’s host.

A Napa tour can brighten your senses and supplement your growing knowledge of agriculture, winemaking, and more.

Napa Valley offers a unique setting for learning about its distinct charm and worldwide reputation as a premier winemaking and culinary destination.

Touring Napa Valley Wine Country

Many factors go into making a Napa tour a must-see destination. Besides the fascinating wineries and vineyards, visitors are treated to a wide range of beautiful and exciting destinations for sightseeing, shopping, outdoor activities, and some of the best restaurants in the world.

When planning a Napa tour, take extra time for many of the area’s more essential destinations. Leave time between events, but visit more of the most important sites to experience all the Valley offers. Make time to relax, and ensure you have left enough time between stops not to feel rushed.

Of course, wine tasting and dining will likely be the most essential parts of your visit. But after that, you can rely on your preferences to find things to do.

In Napa Valley, there is something for everyone. You might schedule a Napa tour, ride the Napa Valley Wine Train, take an early morning hot air balloon ride, play golf, visit the many art shops, schedule a brewery stop, hike or bike, enjoy live entertainment or many other options. You can enjoy farm-to-market dining and many art walks during the year.

Enjoying Your Napa Winery Visit

With Platypus Wine Tours, you can schedule a join-in or a private tour of usually three boutique wineries. During the Sonoma or Napa tour, the host will highlight essential landmarks and offer insightful commentary to educate and amuse.

In addition, you can exercise your wine-tasting etiquette and the dos and don’ts of visiting and enjoying the winetasting experience. Such things as:

  • Swirling the wine in the glass to aerate and release the aromas.
  • Holding a wineglass by the stem, not the bowl.
  • Inhaling deeply to get the aroma characteristics of the wine before sipping.
  • Sipping and swirling the liquid to coat all the mouth’s surfaces.
  • Take more than one sip since your perception may change with subsequent tastes.
  • In a tasting room, spitting is always permitted. You can spit after each taste to keep from getting intoxicated.

Touring Napa Valley

To get the most out of your Napa tour, reserve your place for a join-in or private tour with Platypus Wine Tours. The experience is safe, fun, and memorable, allowing you to see the sights, enjoy the wine, and learn first-hand about the operations of select boutique wineries.

Safety is most important, and you can forget about driving and navigating between tasting rooms while enjoying the time with friends, new and old.

Visit the Platypus Wine Tours website to sign up for a future tour. You can also arrange for your private tour with family, friends, or co-workers while there.

If you have questions or wish to make special arrangements for an upcoming Napa tour, phone Platypus Wine Tours at 707-253-2723.