Sound the bells, get the barrels ready, polish the wine glasses, because it is finally bud break season here in the beautiful and sunny Napa Valley! Now you may be wondering why this is such an exciting time here in wine country. Well, after months of sleeping vines in the chilly and rainy winter months, bud break season symbolizes the vines are full of life. With these tiny but powerful leaves sprouting into bloom they have an important role in the beginning of the grape growing process. By starting the photosynthesis process for our favorite kind of fruit that will later be harvested and turned into our favorite glass of wine!

When is it?

From late February to April it is a busy time for the vines at Napa Wineries as this is the official bud break season for wine country. Each grape varietal experiences this stage at different times. Napa’s most planted grape, the Cabernet Sauvignon with over 20,000 acres of planted vineyards, is the last of the vine to go through the bud break stage. As the temperatures rise in the warm Spring months rolling hills of green vineyards take over the valley floor.

What is Happening?

These bud breaks can be very fragile during these times with being sensitive if the evening temperature drops too low. When you do have the opportunity to drive through wine country California, you may notice giant fans scattered throughout some of the vineyards at the Napa Wineries. Now you may be wondering what these giant fans do, but they actually help in assisting to make sure the temperature air circulates and remains warmer before hitting the buds on the valley floor. As you may know, nights in Napa can get quite chilly, so definitely remember to pack a jacket if you are visiting soon!
During this time, Napa Wineries are full of these beautiful hues of green vineyards until early May when the flowering season begins. We know currently the shelter-in-place order is still in effect through the end of April. However in the meantime, you have the opportunity to still support your favorite Napa Wineries during this time. Currently, most are offering great discounts of shipping, support  here!