Pairing the perfect wines with the appropriate food is part of the enjoyment of wines. Matching the best wine with the right foods will enhance the flavor of both, and an otherwise excellent meal becomes superb.

Wine varietals and food choices have different flavor levels and textures. For example, a lightly delicate white wine will not fare well against a bold dinner of roasted meats. Similarly, a robust Cabernet Sauvignon will likely overpower a more delicately flavored dish.

Certain combinations of wine and food work well together, each enhancing the flavor of the other with complementary tastes and texture.  A well-managed wine-tasting tour can be an excellent starting point to understand the qualities of each better.

Practical Tips for Pairing

The principal element of proper wine pairing is identifying which wines and foods are complementary and which combinations may contrast.

The initial consideration is understanding the essential components of both the wine and food. In any instance, you should not allow one of these to overpower the other.

  1. Match mild foods with mild wines and rich foods with rich wines. For example, a creamy sauce can be enhanced by a rich buttery Chardonnay.
  2. Acids go with acids. If you are serving a dish with a high acid content, match the dish with an acidic wine that can keep up with the food.
  3. Pair with the most dominant flavors of the main course, which may not be the meat presented but rather the sauce content of the dish.
  4. Strong seasonings may overpower most wines, so be aware and serve something with a stronger taste and texture than you might otherwise serve.
  5. Know that there are no real mistakes in wine pairing. If the wine seems to be overpowered by the food, serve a stronger one the next time.

Learn More About Pairing on a Wine Tasting Tour

During a Platypus Wine Tasting Tour, you will have the chance to interact with both an expert guide and professionals at each of the boutique wineries along the way. They will have straightforward suggestions about wine pairing.

Remember that the discipline tends to be more of an art than a science.

Consider many of these ideas, and experiment with some of your own.

Make Your Reservations for a Platypus Wine Tour

A Platypus Wine Tour is a safe and carefree way to enjoy the scenery, listen to the dialogue, and learn more about pairing wines with food. The experts can answer your questions and perhaps impart ideas you may not have considered.

To make your reservations for a Platypus wine-tasting tour of Napa or Sonoma, visit the Platypus Wine Tours website. You may reserve a place for a join-in tour or even schedule a private tour of some of the most delightful boutique wineries.

If you want to speak directly to one of the Platypus experts about questions or to set up your private tour specifications, phone 202-253-2723.