Napa Valley offers more exciting activities than just about anywhere. From excellent dining, world-class entertainment, arts, stunning scenery, balloon rides, outdoor activities, and more, guests to this unique region will likely find the perfect endeavor here.

And, of course, the best wine tours in Napa Valley are always there for you. Take a join-in or private Napa wine tour, and you can enjoy a safe, comfortable, and fun educational experience at three carefully selected boutique wineries.

During the tour, you will learn about the art of grape growing, how the winemakers manage the crop, and insights into how the sensational wines are produced. And you will have a chance to taste some of the wines along the way, so relax and enjoy the trip without worry.

Here are some ideas for your next trip to Napa Valley.

Classic Napa Valley Wine Tour: A Taste of Tradition

Your initial planning must include at least one wine tour to visit some renowned wineries that have defined Napa’s wine culture for decades. Organize your outing in advance with Platypus Wine Tours to ensure the best wine tours in Napa.

Napa Valley Wine Train

While in Napa Valley, take the time to book a dinner aboard the elegant and entertaining Napa Valley Wine Train. While enjoying your gourmet dinner and exquisite wine, you will marvel at the passing scenery and panoramic views of the valley, vineyards, towns, and wineries.

Boutique Wineries and Hidden Gems Tour

Some places in Napa Valley are not easily reached. Sign up for one of the best wine tours in Napa Valley, where you will venture off the beaten path to explore out-of-the-way wineries and sample some of their exceptional wines.

Hot Air Balloon Tour

Travel above the vineyards away from the crowds in one of Napa Valley’s famous hot air balloon rides. You will see the region from a different perspective, high above the vineyards, towns, and wineries as they awaken in the early morning. After landing, you can enjoy a champagne toast before heading out for your Napa wine tours.

Culinary Wine Tours

For the ultimate Napa wine tour experience, sign up for a Culinary Wine Tour that pairs the best foods with the right wines. Expert guides will offer strategies for pairing the right foods with the best wines. Many Napa wine tours visit wineries that specialize in culinary arts and tastings.

Art and Wine Tours

Culture and Cabernet come together in Napa wine tours focusing on the synergy of art and wine. Some of the best wine tours in Napa Valley specialize in exposing guests to wineries with exceptional art galleries and scenic gardens. Food and wine tours are always unique for the adamant art lover.

Sustainable and Organic Wine Tours

Learn about Napa Valley’s commitment to Green Viticulture as you tour through eco-friendly vineyards and wineries. Know that this is the future of Napa Valley.

Custom Private Tours

Whether you are entertaining a small group or perhaps a more extensive company crowd, arranging a private Napa wine tour in advance is a great idea. You can craft a personalized wine tour with a private tour, choosing the appropriate wineries, exceptional varietals, and experiences that match your needs.

Available with Platypus Wine Tours

All these special wine tours are possible with Napa Valley and Sonoma’s premier wine tour company, Platypus Wine Tours.

Reserve your places for a join-in tour, or contact us about your private outing. Platypus Wine Tours offers the best wine tours in the glorious Napa Valley and can accommodate any special needs or requests during your private tour.

You can sign up for a future tour Sonoma or Napa wine tour by visiting the Platypus Wine Tour website’s BOOK NOW section on their website. Or, if you are booking a private tour or have questions, you should phone (707)-253-2723.