The Napa Valley region is world renowned for it’s gorgeous scenery, fine wines, and wonderful climate. The Sonoma Valley offers this but in a more intimate and charming way. The town is filled with history and the wineries are some of the oldest in the West. It’s no wonder that those looking for an exclusive experience join in on the Sonoma wine tours offered by Platypus Wine Tours.

Sonoma: A History

The term “Sonoma” means Valley of the Moon and was named by the indigenous Miwoks. The town itself was established with the building of Mission San Francisco Solano. Sonoma was the last mission to be built and was eventually secularized by the Mexican government. In 1846, American settlers revolted and raised the Bear flag we know today, declaring the “Bear Flag Republic.” This didn’t last long and the land was eventually occupied by the US army. Eventually, the town saw drastic changes: gold was found in Sutter’s Creek, the size of Sonoma changed, and finally, California’s statehood was declared and Sonoma became incorporated in 1883. You’ll learn all this and more on one of our Sonoma wine tours.

Sonoma Today

The Sonoma Plaza is surrounded by historic buildings, fabulous restaurants, galleries, and high-end boutiques. There are also parks with events that bring the community together. Every September, the Valley of the Moon Vintage is California’s oldest tradition of celebrating wine. It’s an absolute must to visit this charming town, and even better, to join Sonoma wine tours offered by Platypus Wine Tours!

Platypus Wine Tours is your ticket to Sonoma Valley

At Platypus, we offer small group guided Sonoma wine tours where you’ll meet other like-minded folks who appreciate good wine and great history. Explore Sonoma on this light-hearted journey through some of the most charming and historical wineries. Sonoma wine tours include 4 wineries, a picnic lunch, interesting winemaking an history facts, a cheese platter, and much more! You’ll get to know some of Sonoma’s best wineries – many still family-owned today.
Check out our favorite Sonoma wineries and browse through our wine tour options. Then, call your friends and family and invite them on a magical journey through history, gorgeous scenery, and delicious tastings. Your Sonoma wine tours are waiting!