During a well-organized and safe Napa Valley wine tour, visitors learn about the history and lore of the area. Stories about the iconic vineyards and the established wineries contribute to the region’s notable culture.

Some well-established wineries have a long history in Napa Valley, dating back over a century. Wineries like Charles Krug grew vines in 1861 and later added their popular winery.

Other wineries, including Beringer, Inglenook, Hendry, and Schramsberg, were also developed in the 19th Century, although some were interrupted during Prohibition and different periods. These wineries, however, have contributed significantly to Napa Valley’s rich wine culture.

Discovering the Lesser-Known Napa Valley Wineries

The main advantage of participating in Napa vineyard tours is seeing, enjoying, and learning about the hidden gems, the lesser-known boutique vineyards that are the true backbone of the area. While each offers unique winetasting experiences, they also present a chance to see Wine Country at its best with their artisanal winemaking skills, vineyard management, and incredible scenery.

The boutique wineries and vineyards showcase Napa Valley’s most picturesque scenes, showcasing vineyard-covered hills, charming gardens, and other scenic spots for visitors to enjoy.

Along with the wine tasting, guests of various Napa vineyard tours to smaller wineries will enjoy the commentary from the vineyard hosts relating interesting facts and stories about the winery’s development and history. While the list is long, wineries like Hendry Vineyard and Winery, Shadybrook Estate Winery, Porter Family Vineyards, Artesa Vineyards and Winery, Jessup Cellars, and Handwritten Wines are but a few of the outstanding wineries and vineyards to visit on those Napa Valley tours.

Tours vary, from classic wine tasting to specialty tours focusing on handmade wines or eco-friendly wineries.

Visit Napa Valley During All the Seasons

Anytime is a good time for Napa vineyard tours. The weather will change, but it’s always suitable for visiting the picturesque wineries and vineyards of Napa Valley with a Napa wine tour company. The most exciting times to visit Napa Valley are springtime, with the initial bud break and bloom, and autumn, with the extensive harvest parties and celebrations.

Summer, of course, features lots of outdoor entertainment, while winter is a cozy, less crowded time to visit.

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