By late-October, Napa Valley and Sonoma vineyards have been in full swing over the past several weeks, nearing the end of harvest with some of the region’s most famous grape variety, Cabernet Sauvignon. Once again, despite the multiple wildfires in the area, our undaunted vineyard managers at local Napa wineries and Sonoma wineries have persevered to bring in the 2020 harvest and begin the winemaking process.

Despite the challenges, at least 80% of the region’s wineries have begun producing their new vintage, committed, as always, to providing another world-class production.

Will the Fires Affect the Wine Production?

Smoke from the wildfires can have an impact on the grapes and potentially on the final product.  While it is possible that compounds may impact some of the harvests from the wildfire smoke, the full impact is yet to be determined.

As usual, the winemakers will be monitoring their productions closely and will refuse to apply their labels to any that will possess an off-flavor. It appears most wine production will likely be unaffected and meet the usual Napa and Sonoma wineries high standards

Is It Time to Come Back to Napa Valley and Sonoma Wineries?

The answer: An enthusiastic Yes! The air now is clear, and the weather in Napa Valley and the Sonoma region is unbeatable. And, most of us are ready to break out of our enclosed captivity to experience Nature’s beauty wherever we may.

A visit to Sonoma and Napa wineries is one of the best solutions for a therapeutic escape from all the challenges of the past year,

The wildfires now are almost entirely contained. You may either reserve your place for a visit and wine tasting by contacting the wineries directly or by booking your place on a safe and fun private or group wine tour of specially chosen Napa wineries or Sonoma wineries with Platypus Wine Tours

The wineries are now open for visits, tours, and outdoor wine tastings while maintaining strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols to protect all guests and associates.

Napa Wineries

Sadly, some Napa wineries sustained minor to severe damage from the Glass Fire that swept near parts of the north end of Napa Valley recently. However, according to official sources, the fire is now 97% contained, and visitors may once again enjoy the area during the annual harvest period.

Sonoma Wineries

As of October 8, 2020, Sonoma wineries were reopening and welcoming visitors with open arms, at socially acceptable distances, of course. As with Napa wineries, you will need to make reservations in advance, wear a mask until seated and observe all the necessary protocols.

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