Wine country tours of Napa Valley wineries are more than the camaraderie of the group, fantastic scenery, enjoyment of seeing wineries up close, and the fun of tasting the excellent wines.

A little deeper look opens another world, the ability to identify the subtle flavors, aromas, and textures of the wines themselves. Learning to take a closer look by appreciating the wines’ tastes and learning more about those characteristics is also what winetasting is all about.

Let’s discuss some important tasting tips for Napa Valley wineries.

Understanding Your Palate

Before starting your wine tour, it is important to understand your own palate, learn which wine aroma and taste characteristics are most appealing to you. Learn how to identify the flavors, aromas, and textures that affect you.

Before engaging in your wine tour, take time to sample some varietals from different sources, taking the time to look, smell, and taste to identify characteristics that are favorable and which ones are not.

Spitting and Swallowing

During wine tastings, particularly when several wineries are involved, spitting is a very acceptable activity. Spitting will allow you to appreciate more wines during your tour without becoming overwhelmed or intoxicated.

Keeping your senses throughout the tour is one of the most important tips for Napa Valley wineries as you tour and taste the assets of the area.

Hydration and Snacking

Staying well hydrated during your tasting tours through Napa Valley wineries is essential. Drinking water between wine tastings will keep your palate clear to taste each wine correctly. Give each wine an equal chance to present its assets without distortion.

Eating some neutral snacks like crackers or even plain bread will also neutralize your tastebuds during the next tasting.

Ask Questions

Asking questions of the expert staff during a winery tasting is a great tip for Napa Valley winery tastings.  Visitors are encouraged to ask questions of the winery staff about each wine and the process. The insights are important, usually detailing the winemaking process, varieties of grapes, and any unique characteristics of the wine.

Savor the Experience

A Napa Valley wine tour is a unique and multi-faceted experience. Guests can enjoy the unique ambiance of each winery, plus the amazing views, activities, and, of course, sampling the wines offered. Stay mindful during the experience, so you can enjoy the overall tour, not just the wines.

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These tips for Napa Valley winery visits are meant to be helpful, making your tour a more complete experience. Platypus Wine Tours wants guests to learn from the experience while allowing the experienced guides to lead the way though the region.

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