Exclusive wine tours are a fantastic way to reward friends and family, meet all your objectives, and have a safe and fun outing that will be yours alone to remember. Planning your interests and preferences in advance with your tour company can offer a more intimate and personalized itinerary by selecting the wineries and experiences you prefer.

Exclusive Access

Enjoy some of the winery’s rare and limited-edition wines with your VIP access to exclusive wine tastings. Perhaps visit the barrel rooms and vineyards at the winery to get a behind-the-scenes look at their winemaking process.

Exclusive, pre-arranged wine tours will give you a more intimate look at the wineries as you leisurely enjoy the countryside as you travel between wineries.

Make Your Schedule Flexible

Go where you want to go. Heading to different sites is one of the main reasons why most private tours are booked. The customer can choose from a selection of wineries, vineyards, and other spots and not be dependent on the tour company’s schedule.

A flexible, prearranged schedule is one of the benefits of exclusive wine tours. While join-in tours can also be great fun, you can stay focused more during a private outing.

By prearranging your agenda, you can spend more time at a particular winery or at other locations that may captivate you and your group. Don’t feel rushed during your visits, and make sure you enjoy what is offered while eliminating the interference of others.

Traveling at your own pace is a luxury that you can best enjoy with exclusive wine tours. Ask that extra question or two of the sommeliers, linger a bit longer in the vineyards, or take a few photographs at a particular location.

Expert Guidance

Enjoy and learn more detailed facts from the private guides and the sommeliers that you will encounter during your exclusive wine tour. You will discover more about the many nuances of winemaking, vineyards, and winetasting techniques in a more personalized setting.

Luxurious Transportation

Travel safely and in comfort and style with private transportation options, eliminating your need for navigation and parking concerns. You will be able to enjoy the remarkable scenery as you travel from place to place, arriving refreshed at the objective.

Enjoy Exclusive Wine Tours with Platypus

Platypus Wine Tours offers exclusive wine tours to both Napa Valley and Sonoma. Guests will work with the experts at Platypus Wine Tours to formulate a unique experience, one that will safely entertain and educate them about the nuances of the wine business.

You may learn more about Platypus Wine Tours’ offerings by visiting their website.  

Make this a special event that all participants will enjoy. You can phone Platypus to make your special arrangements for your exclusive wine tours by calling 707-253-2723.