12-21-nicholson-Cactus-Hill-wine-pour-balcony-background One of our favorite wineries to include in our Sonoma wine tours is Nicholson Ranch. You’ll often see Deepak, the owner and winemaker pouring wines or answering phones in the tasting room! And as of June 2020, they are now Certified Organic. Learn more about them by clicking HERE.

Deepak Gulrajani came to California from Mumbai, India. He began winemaking in his garage in the early 90’s and planted his Sonoma vineyard in 1995 at what is now Nicholson Ranch, a former cattle ranch. This beautiful 40 acres estate is where he grows his grapes, makes his wine, and ages his wine in the mountainside cave. A favorite Sonoma winery for our guests as they are able to get a tour of every area and journey along the winemaking process.

Deepak has farmed with sustainable and organic methods for seven years and is thrilled to have been awarded the official designation of Certified Organic this year. Also this year, the winery became solar powered with the installation of a solar array.

When you come for a tasting you will enjoy the pinot noir, chardonnay, merlot, and syrah grown on the property. And just this month, Deepak released his first Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from his newly purchased vineyard in the Napa Valley. He harvested Cabernet and Sangiovese grapes from the Napa Estate this year and the new 2020 vintage is beginning its cellar aging in fine French oak barrels.

Deepak is pleased to share that his staff and family are all healthy and happy. He hopes to see you next time you’re in the area. If you see the little white dog around the property- Deepak is sure to be close by. https://nicholsonranch.com/

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12-21-nicholson-Cactus-Hill-wine-pour-balcony-background 12-21-nicholson-Veranda-at-Nicholson-Ranch