Wine country is calling and we are here to help plan a getaway to one of the most beautiful places on earth! Napa Valley is truly a gorgeous destination with world renowned wineries, fabulous food, intriguing history, great outdoor activities, and so much more. With so many great options it is hard to decide on where to get started with planning your vacation. Have no fear, we have plenty of recommendations for how to spend three days in Napa Valley.
Whether you are planning a trip specifically to Napa Valley or maybe extending a trip from the city, there are Napa wine tours from San Francisco! This could be the perfect option if you are staying in San Francisco and are looking to experience some Napa wine tasting without all the hassle of driving.
Now of course one of the main reasons Napa is such a popular destination is the amazing wineries and the Napa wine tasting experience. With over 400 wineries located throughout the valley the options on which wineries to visit while you’re in town can seem endless. One of the most important tips we can give is to do your research before arriving and always contact the wineries you wish to visit to make sure they have availability or if you will need to make a reservation.
While Napa wine tasting is quite a popular activity here in the valley there are other great ventures to experience. One of our recommendations is to head to the ever popular downtown Napa. With over 40 restaurants, shopping, tasting rooms, there are countless options to enjoy your day strolling through downtown. There are so many great places to dine and enjoy some of the best food including some Michelin star rated favorites.
Speaking of Michelin star rated restaurants, we also recommend on one of your days in the valley to head north from Napa to the favored town of Yountville. This town is home to the renowned world famous French Laundry restaurant owned by Chef Thomas Keller. There are over twenty fabulous places to dine in this small town. Talk about a difficult decision of where to go for dinner!
One of our favorite recommendations for your Napa getaway is the remarkable experience of a hot air balloon ride. Start your morning flying over the beautiful vineyards and if you are lucky with completely clear skies, a view of San Francisco. Experience this hot air balloon ride partnered with a Napa wine tasting experience afterwards on a wine tour.
With so many beautiful rolling hills throughout Napa, you can only imagine how popular hiking is in the valley. Or if you aren’t looking for a full on hike, there are great trails for walking or biking located in downtown Napa along the Riverwalk. While you are out and about downtown make sure to walk to the Oxbow Market to see some incredible local products from vendors.
We hope our recommendations help with planning your three day adventure in wine country!
Image courtesy of Visit Napa Valley