Some visitors to Napa Valley never get past the City of Napa. But to the north, many more wine-loving communities boast remarkable beauty, exceptional winemaking, and other assets to explore.

Only about 30 miles away, at the very northern section of Napa Valley, is the beautiful village of Calistoga, loaded with boutique wineries, unique shops, and world-class restaurants among the incredible landscape and fabulous scenery.

The scenic Calistoga wineries in Napa Valley should not be missed, and a professionally managed wine tour will be long remembered.

Visiting Calistoga Wineries

The area around Calistoga is dotted with numerous picturesque wineries among the glorious hills and valleys of the region. The views of nature are magnificent, and the tranquil yet captivating scenery is breathtaking.

The landscape of the Calistoga region offers a terroir that is unique in Napa Valley.

Geological and weather factors, including the volcanic soils and warmer climate, contribute to world-class grape production and winemaking. Many of the wines here are ranked high among Napa Valley’s total wine production.

Wine Tours in the Calistoga Region

Touring Napa Valley with a professional tour company is the most educational, in-depth, scenic, and safe way to explore the region. Picturesque Calistoga wineries in Napa Valley are scattered throughout the landscape, and a closer view is attained best by traveling with an experienced tour company.

Many boutique wineries in the region offer spectacular views and a harmonious integration with the surroundings. Imagine the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the serenity that engulfs you as you view the vine-covered hills of the area.

Many wineries exist in the area, but here are some that can be visited and enjoyed:

  • Joseph Cellars Winery
  • August Briggs Winery
  • Tedeschi Family Winery
  • Picayune Cellars and Mercantile
  • Hindsight Wines
  • Vincent Arroyo Winery
  • Envy Wines
  • Shypoke Cellars
  • Paoletti Estates Winry
  • Elusa Winery
  • Castello di Amorosa
  • and more

Many scenic Calistoga wineries in Napa Valley offer winetasting al fresco, weather permitting. These offer a double benefit: the joys of tasting excellent wines and enjoying the magnificent views in a serene natural setting.

Some scenic Calistoga wineries in Napa Valley also boast hot springs, spa facilities, and an overall sense of relaxation. Unwind, relax, and enjoy all the scenic beauty and ambiance of northern Napa Valley.

Scenic Calistoga Wine Tours with Platypus Wine Tours

Enjoy northern Napa Valley and Calistoga with a wine tour by Platypus Wine Tours.

You, your partner, family, or friends can reserve a place for a join-in or private wine tour that will be educational, scenic, comfortable, and safe. Platypus Wine Tours’ vans are comfortable and thoroughly equipped for the journey, and you can watch the fantastic scenery as you relax and enjoy the comforts of the tour.

Visit the Platypus Wine Tours website for more information. You will learn more about the company and even Book Your Place for a future wine tour.

If you have questions, want to book a Private Tour, and wish to speak to a wine tour professional about a trip to Calistoga, call (707)-253-2723.