In the United States, our Independence Day is the Fourth of July. What does that mean? Parades, fireworks, patriotism, and an appreciation for history. Where will you find a peak of history? Healdsburg wineries in this 19th century town. Families will gather in parks, enjoy classic American cuisine and view massive firework displays. We’re diving into this American holiday and checking out ways to celebrate it!

A History Lesson

In the 1700s, the colonies (what we know now as the USA) were an extension of Britain. Settlers came to this nation as a way to escape differing belief systems and oppressed lives in Britain. The struggle for independence started when the British government started taxing the American settlers without giving them a voice in the British parliament. Sound familiar? “No taxation without representation.” This didn’t sit well with the settlers and so the American Revolution began. John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert R. Livingston, and Roger Sherman drafted the Declaration of Independence. When all the 13 colonies accepted this, Independence Day was declared on July 4, 1776. That’s the short version – we won’t bug you with the long story.

Independence Day Today

Today, we celebrate the Fourth of July with a patriotic spirit. This year, Napa Valley will be featuring a parade from 10am-12pm on 2nd Street and 3rd Street. Come watch our hometown heroes including Napa County Sheriffs, fire department, and more walk through the streets in salute. Following this wonderful event, the Napa Valley Lights will take place at Oxbow Commons with a Kid Zone after 5pm and musical performances.
The fireworks will then light up the sky in a fantastical display at 9:30pm. Veteran’s Park, Riverfront Promenade, and Oxbow Commons will have some of the best views in the area.

How Will You Celebrate this Day?

There are many ways to enjoy the holiday but our favorite includes North Sonoma wine tours through Healdsburg wineries. These Healdsburg wineries are some of the oldest in the region and are a true nod to history. Platypus Wine Tours offers North Sonoma tours through Healdsburg wineries, Alexander Valley, and Russian River. It’s our passion to deliver an authentic experience and to support these family-owned establishments that date back a century or two.
Check out some of our favorite Healdsburg wineries, discover the North Sonoma tour, and contact us for any inquiries today!