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Gone are the long days of summer where the grapevines showed off their emerald green leaves and bountiful fruit as they soaked up the sun’s rays under blue skies so bright it hurts your eyes and warm breezes that swayed the old oak trees to the rhythm of summer. That time of year where it’s still light out at nearly 9 clock at night and the roads are crowded with wine tasters head back to their hotels and B&B’s with the treasures they’ve found in their quest to find that perfect wine.

Summer has been replaced by grayer skies and cool crisp days where the vineyards are transforming their green leaves to new colors of crimson, gold and yellow. The shadows of the vines grow longer on the valley floor as the sun sets earlier behind the Mayacamas Mountains since the clocks have been set back by an hour. The wineries are illuminated from within surrounded by darkened vineyards as the moon and stars come out and twinkle above.
The grapes have been harvested and are now being turned into amazing wine that will show everyone that the summer of 2013 was indeed perfect. This is Napa Valley after the harvest and if there was ever a time when you thought you should visit Napa, now is the time.
The tasting rooms are far less crowded, it’s much easier to get a reservation in many of the world class restaurants that are spread out across this incredible valley and the Silverado Trail is enjoyable to cruise along while taking in the sight of this colorful time in the Napa Valley.
So much is happening right now. Our yearly ice skating rink is being installed in historic downtown Napa and the valley is starting to be adorned with the lights and colors of the holidays. It is truly a magical time in Napa and the great news is the wines taste just a perfect as they did all summer! So, why not visit Napa today while shopping for the holidays?
Throughout this summer I have truly enjoyed taking my guests to small wineries where some of them make you feel as though you have stepped back in time and it’s the 1860’s all over again when Napa Valley started to become what it is today, making wine for the world. My guests enjoyed picnic lunches under sunny skies and warm breezes next to endless rows of perfectly manicured grapevines.
Now my guests are playing in the fallen leaves on the ground making leaf angels and the cool air nips their nose while they sip tasty wines that warm their tummies. It’s a more romantic time of year too. Couples are snuggled together as they reconnect with one another clinking their wine glasses together filled with a bountiful and fragrant Cabernet.
Yes, Napa is truly special in summer but that’s only part the story. Why not come out and see for yourself how truly awe inspiring Napa is in the fall. You will not only bring home great wine, but memories that will last a lifetime.
Written by Tour Guide – Chris Largent
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