As the holiday season quickly approaches, wineries are focused on the end to another busy harvest season. Winemakers and growers are breathing a sigh of relief as they wind down and turn their attention away from Mother Nature’s uncertainty in the vineyards. Wineries in Napa and Sonoma collected their crop and can now focus on the next phases of winemaking.
Although the end of Harvest is an exciting and rewarding time, this year, the unfortunate circumstances north of Napa County and into Sonoma County created high stress for many residents. The Kincade wildfire and power outages hastened the final stages of harvest. Homes were lost and land was destroyed but residents and local businesses came together to offer humanitarian assistance. Wineries who were fortunate enough not to be in harms way or without power acted quickly, supporting other wineries without power by crushing grapes, offering shelter, and extending aid in the vineyards to save as many grapes as possible.

Post-Harvest Activities

Many are asking about the state of the 2019 crop. We’re excited to report that it’s looking beautiful. The cool and sunny days of October allowed reds to ripen fully and wineries are expecting great results from this year’s vintage.
Visitors from all over the world come to experience late fall in wine country right after harvest as the crowds are smaller and there is easier access to hotels, restaurants, wine tastings, etc. The vibe is more relaxed making it perfect for a peaceful getaway to Northern California. Napa wine tours and Sonoma wine tours are available year round and now is a better time than any to really receive an intimate tasting experience!