Looking for the perfect getaway, one where you can relax and escape while celebrating a special event with others? You can plan that anniversary, birthday, workplace accomplishment, or other by organizing your exclusive, tailored wine tour of Sonoma or Napa Valley with Platypus Wine Tours.

Visiting those memorable locations, towns, and wineries in California’s Wine Country will be a long-remembered experience as you can enjoy the unique scenery, fascinating places, and interesting commentary along the way.

Crafting Your Unforgettable, Stress-Free Experience

While there are many destinations to choose from, tailored wine excursions with Platypus Wine Tours are an excellent way to celebrate any occasion. Participants will remain engaged as they travel through the beautiful vineyards enjoying both the landscape and the commentary of our wine professionals.

At each winery stop, you and your group will learn about the art and science of winemaking, details of the winery’s management, and, most importantly, the fun and disciplines of winetasting. Carefully paired food items can be part of each tasting.

Discover Hidden Gems

Napa Valley and Sonoma County are home to hundreds of beautiful, even secluded wineries that produce world-class wines but are located apart from the typical tourist destinations. Visit some of these during your tailored wine excursions and enjoy the intimacy of your personalized wine tasting.

Guests are free to ask questions and dig more deeply into the work and focus of the winery.

Travel Comfortably

Platypus Wine Tours will transport your group safely through the wine tour adventure in their modern, well-equipped vans. There is plenty of room inside, and you eliminate the worry of driving and parking as you enjoy the fabulous scenery between stops.

Forever Memories

The activity, experiences, and camaraderie of your tailored wine excursion will create memories that stay with you forever. You and your group will connect, share laughter and fun, and celebrate special moments during these Platypus-tailored wine excursions. The challenges of everyday life will fade away during the outing.

Contact Platypus Wine Tours

Let Platypus Wine Tours of Napa plan your next wine tour outing. Our award-winning team will work to handle the logistics, transportation, and all the winery arrangements for your unforgettable tailored wine excursions. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your special tailored wine excursions, knowing professionals will handle all the details are being handled by professionals.

To learn more about Platypus Wine Tours, visit our website and see all that we offer.

To begin the process and provide the details for your tailored wine excursions, phone Platypus Wine Tours at (707)-253-2723.