Ditch the crowded wineries and swap them for Sonoma’s hidden gems! Sonoma Valley isn’t just rolling hills and fancy names (although it has those too). Imagine cozy towns, breathtaking scenery, and wineries where the owners might even pour you a taste themselves. Sound good? Let’s explore some off-the-beaten-path wineries that offer unique wines that seriously steal the show.

Guided Wine Tours in Sonoma: Tailored Adventures for Every Palate

Platypus Wine Tours curates exceptional guided wine tours in Sonoma, taking you off the beaten path and into the heart of Sonoma’s hidden treasures. With our experienced guides and comfortable transportation, you can relax, savor the exquisite wines, and create lasting memories on your Sonoma wine country adventure.

Uncorking Gems: A Look at 5 Wineries You Won’t Want to Miss

Sonoma boasts a wealth of hidden gems, each with a story to tell and exceptional wines to discover. Here are 5 wineries that will leave a lasting impression on your Sonoma wine tour:

Mill Creek Vineyards & Winery

Mill Creek Vineyards & Winery, situated in Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, California, is a family-owned winery with a strong commitment to sustainable viticulture. Founded in 1965, they have a long history of crafting award-winning wines that showcase the region’s distinct characteristics. Their focus lies on estate-grown grapes, allowing them to control the quality from vine to bottle. Mill Creek offers a selection of reds like Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon, alongside a well-regarded Chardonnay. The winery emphasizes a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, featuring a charming outdoor seated tasting experience with a view of the waterwheel, estate vines, and panoramic scenery. Reservations are recommended for their tastings which are offered seven days a week.

Viszlay Vineyards

They practice sustainable farming methods and embrace traditional winemaking styles, resulting in soft, elegant, and balanced wines. Their focus lies on estate-grown fruit, meaning they use grapes cultivated directly on their own 10-acre vineyard. Viszlay Vineyards offers exclusive access to their wines through their winery and a wine club membership. While information on tastings isn’t readily available on their website, it’s recommended to contact them directly to inquire about tasting room experiences.

Rued Winery

Rued Winery is a family-owned winery located in Sonoma County, California. They have a long history of grape growing, starting in 1882, and have recently expanded into winemaking. Their focus is on estate vineyards located in Dry Creek Valley and Russian River Valley, crafting wines that showcase the unique terroir of each region. Rued Winery offers a selection of reds, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, alongside a Chardonnay. They emphasize a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere, offering picnic areas and a relaxed tasting experience at their patio overlooking the Dry Creek Valley.

DRNK Winery

DRNK Winery, based in Sonoma County, California, focuses on small-batch wines crafted from grapes sourced from diverse vineyards across the region. They offer a variety of varietals, including Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, and unique blends. Their approach is playful and emphasizes the enjoyment of wine, reflected in their name formed from the initials of the founders. DRNK offers tasting experiences by appointment at their winery cave and a location in Petaluma, California.

Trattore Winery

Their focus is on Rhône-style wines, crafting varietals like Syrah, Zinfandel, and Grenache. Alongside their wine tastings, Tratttore Farms offers the option to savor delicious charcuterie or hot paninis, creating a complete food and wine pairing experience. They boast a stunning patio with panoramic views, allowing guests to enjoy the scenery while indulging in their wines and food offerings. Reservations are highly recommended for their tastings offered daily.

Crafting Your Dream Sonoma Wine Adventure

Sonoma Valley’s hidden gems await your exploration. Contact Platypus Wine Tours today and let us take you on one of the best guided wine tours in Sonoma that your group won’t forget. We’ll ensure a memorable journey through Sonoma’s captivating landscapes, exquisite wines, and hidden treasures.