Frequent visitors know there is never a wrong time to be in Napa Valley. The scenery, weather, wineries, and welcoming businesses are always there, always welcoming.

So, what are the ideal Napa Valley winery seasons to visit?

The answer: Anytime is the right time to come to Napa Valley. Each season offers something different, but all have unique appeal and interesting things to do.

Planning Your Trip to Napa Valley

While summer is the busiest season with plenty of festivals and outdoor activities, the other seasons offer other fascinating advantages. Springtime presents the stunning beauty of the vineyards as the wildflowers bloom and the vines begin to revive.

Fall is also a busy season as the vineyards evolve their colorful transformation and the active harvest, while wintertime presents another set of unique benefits enjoyed by smaller crowds.

So how do you choose? If you have been to Napa Valley before, perhaps a change to another season will be fun. If you haven’t been here in the past, take your pick, as each season is a wonderful time to visit.

Napa Valley Winery Seasons

Springtime Freshness

When you visit Napa Valley in the springtime, you will notice the vineyards coming back to life. The vines have been severely pruned to begin the new process, while the windflowers may still be prevalent between the rows. For entire weeks, the landscape is beautifully highlighted by the appearance of mustard and other wildflower blooms.

The vines will begin to sprout during mid-spring, so you will be able to see the progress in the vineyards. Spring is a great, unhurried time to arrange your visit to Napa Valley wineries.

Temperatures can be somewhat cool, so jackets and other gear may be warranted. However, you will avoid the hotter days of the summer.

Summer Sunshine

The longer sunny days of summer are perfect for a whole range of outdoor activities. Golf, swim, hike, picnic, attend outdoor performances, and arrange vineyard tours.  Many of the events during the summer will feature some of the region’s finest wines.

The famous BottleRock Festival and many other outdoor events are held during the summer season.

Fall Harvest Season

Although some of the harvest begins in the late summer, fall is when the weather cools, leaves start to turn, and most of the grapes are brought to the wineries for crushing. Fall is an exciting time when many wineries and businesses are staging harvest festivals and other events.

The weather in the fall is spectacular, perhaps the best of all four of the Napa Valley winery seasons.

Winter Wine Retreat

Are you hoping to avoid the crowds?

During the winter months, the wineries are really humming, but there are fewer visitors to Napa Valley. The vineyards happen to be dormant while workers perform the annual clean-up and pruning for the coming year’s crop.

This is a great time to visit the wineries. You can enjoy the smaller crowds as you savor the tranquility of winter. Have a romantic adventure as you curl up by the fireplace and enjoy Napa Valley’s excellent reds.

Note that many businesses offer discounts during this time.

Celebrate Napa Valley Winery Seasons with Platypus Wine Tours

Napa Valley is a year-round destination, with each season offering so much unique charm. No matter which season works, be sure to schedule your next safe and fun wine tour with Platypus Wine Tours.

Visit the Platypus website for more information or to make reservations. You can also phone them at 707-253-2723.