Guided tours or going solo in Sonoma?

Having experienced and knowledgeable guides and a modern, well-equipped van is among the top reasons for scheduling a guided wine tour.

More importantly, bypassing the trouble and dangers of driving and parking while participating in wine tastings is vital.

Do yourself a favor and pass the experience of scheduling your wine tastings and tour of Sonoma with a qualified expert at Platypus Wine Tours.

Expert Navigation

Make your arrangements in advance to enjoy the wine trails in Sonoma guided tours. Platypus offers both join-in and even more exclusive private tours that will meet and exceed your wishes while providing a deeper understanding of the wineries and winemaking. Tours include a knowledgeable wine expert who can provide in-depth information about each winery and the wine industry in Sonoma County.

Don’t worry about getting lost or staying on schedule. The tour guide will manage to keep your group moving as needed, with plenty of time for questions and to admire the architectural and natural beauty of the area.

Insider Access to Wineries

When taking a guided tours of wine trails in Sonoma, Platypus Wine Tours provide exclusive access to hidden gem wineries. Guests can enjoy the excellent wines and even ask questions about the winemaking process of experts at each winery. Your knowledgeable tour guides will add delightful insights and critical commentary that will make the journey even more educational.

Enhanced learning Experience

Particularly for those genuinely interested in Sonoma’s winemaking experience and history, an exclusive tour is the best answer. During one of these, travelers will learn more about the art and science by hearing first-hand from the winemakers and experts. Guests are free to ask questions and delve deeper into the mysteries of winemaking in each of the wineries visited.

Learn more about the winemaking process, varietals, and Sonoma’s unique terroir as you travel the wine trails in Sonoma guided tours. Insightful commentary from your guide will add immeasurably to the overall learning opportunity.

Have Fun, Relax, and Be Safe

The privacy of your journey through the wine trails of Sonoma will provide you with the chance to enjoy time with your fellow wine enthusiasts and create lasting memories of your shared experience.

And, because you are leaving the driving to the Platypus Wine Tours professional, you will not need to worry about driving and parking, especially after some alcohol consumption.

Relax, and leave the driving to us.

Platypus Wine Tours for Wine Trails in Sonoma: Guided Tours

A proven, well-established wine tour company, Platypus offers both join-in and private tours of both Sonoma and Napa Valley.

Visit some of the older, well-known wineries as you enhance your knowledge of the processes involved in winemaking. Learn more about how the experts work with ever-changing raw materials to create magnificent wines each year.

For more information about the guided tours of the wine trails in Sonoma, visit the Platypus Wine Tours website. You can phone Platypus at (707)-253-2723 directly to discuss your private tour.